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Saturday, October 13, 2001

I can't believe Saturday is almost over. Not fair, not fair, not fair. Oh, and the weather...someone owes me a raincheck. It was supposed to be 70 and sunny. It's been crappy and moist. By moist, it's been foggy, and you know how fog is made up of water vapor? Well that's what today has been like all day. I'm so bummed.
posted by J L 5:17 PM

Friday, October 12, 2001

I'm not too happy with all this Anthrax showing up at major media outlets. Interesting tactic, but I'm not happy. See, I subscribe to the National Enquirer (well, it's a gift subscription) and I'm not sure that they will be publishing this week, and if they DO, I'm not sure I want to touch the darned thing!
posted by J L 3:11 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2001

There's nothing like your boss calling in sick from the emergency room for possible pneumonia to make you question your own health.

"Am I getting short of breath? Was that a pain in my lung? Why does my neck hurt? Did I have that headache 10 minutes ago?"

I hope she's fine and it's nothing, but if it's pneumonia, it had better be the viral kind.
posted by J L 3:22 PM

We saw the movie Serendipity last week. A co-worker was surprised that Mr. DumpTruck was willing to attend a movie that didn't involve lots of flames and guns and guys with revenge on their minds.

But see, if you read the above review, you'll know that it was worth every penny we shovelled over to go. Oh, and the supporting players are just key in this one. Go. Just go.
posted by J L 11:12 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Mmmmm. Lobster bisque for lunch. Normally, this is not the sort of thing I'd buy in a cafeteria, but this is from Legal Seafoods, and I guess they sell it to food service companies. Anyway, this was some GOOD eating. Better than the cafeteria clam chowdah.
posted by J L 12:54 PM

Well, it's a new day here in Big DumpTruck land. This morning I stayed home later than usual to take Mookie to his first field trip ever! My little boy is growing up! He got to take a ride on a school bus ALL the way from one end of the street to the other, where there is a farm stand. They are going to see the animals and pick pumpkins. This is a complete thrill, or should have been if he hadn't decided to burst into tears on me.
I think it might be my fault. I told him "Don't forget to tell the bus driver that the wheels on his bus go 'round and 'round" and about 2 minutes later he started sobbing "I don't want to sing!" I'll never learn.
posted by J L 10:53 AM

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Keith prepares the coffee pot each night before we go to bed. Right now I am sitting at the counter, doing some work on the laptop, and all I can smell are the coffee grounds just waiting to be kissed by the hot water in the morning. It is hurting me to just sit here smelling that.
posted by J L 9:25 PM

Okay, I want all the reviews written on Amazon for the book I Had a Frightmare! should be in a book itself! I laughed, I, wait. I only laughed.
posted by J L 8:46 PM

HEY! I think I did it! Hello World!
posted by J L 5:28 PM

I'd say "testing" but that's boring.
posted by J L 5:10 PM

posted by J L 4:25 PM

Guys did chicks with their own blogs, right? I didn't even know the word existed until very recently. I don't want to muck up the regular dump too much. I mean, if I use all my energy here, what will be left for dumpage?

Anyway, this is sort of in test mode for a few days. Then I'll put a link to it from the homepage.
posted by J L 4:06 PM

And when I snap my fingers, this thing will work perfectly...
posted by J L 3:55 PM


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