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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Day three of the <anthrax, cold and I found out something important last night. See, I have a small spray bottle of decongestant, you know, like Afrin, that I only use in dire emergencies, because, well, grandma was hooked on the stuff and I don't need that monkey on my back.

Anyway, I took some last night. And it did just the WORST job of keeping my nose functional. After inspecting the bottle this morning, I realize that when something expires in 1999, you should just toss it out. *sigh*
posted by J L 3:13 PM

I get to start writing my NaNoWriMo! novel tomorrow! I have NO idea how I'll make this happen. And I also realized my company Christmas party is November 30th, meaning I can't even stay up until midnight cranking out words on the last day! Well, I could, but they might not invite me back next year.
posted by J L 10:27 AM

I have to assume hits to the main Dump page are going to be down significantly after today. The number one reason my hits were so high in October is that Google attached me to the search phrase "Spongebob Squarepants Costume" just because I had talked about it in two different issues. Uh oh. Now it's written again. More hits next year.

I'm going to miss all the traffic. I don't know that I'll have anything that popular for Thanksgiving. Maybe I should write the words "Funny Thanksgiving Poem" and see if that makes it out to the search engines.
posted by J L 9:22 AM

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Oh no! Mookie thinks Moe is funny! This doesn't bode well for my future.
posted by J L 7:47 PM

I don't care what anyone says, Shemp is my least favorite Stooge. (And why does it seem so WRONG to me that they show the 3 Stooges on AMC?)
posted by J L 7:44 PM

I am NOT turning on the webcam until after this cold passes. I have great fear that I look as bad as I feel.

Okay, I am feeling a little better, but I have a whole nose thing going on and saline spray is not making the white hot poker feeling go away. So the web cam isn't going on. Maybe tomorrow, when it's okay to look bad. I'm thinking a little black lipstick and I'm all that and a bag of candy.
posted by J L 2:41 PM

Was over at Ground Zero Cam and I'm stunned every time I see the volume of stuff that has to be picked through and removed. Unbelievable. Maybe I'll use this to keep myself angry, so I can remember why we are at war.
posted by J L 11:42 AM

Monday, October 29, 2001

Christmas is sneaking up on is. Less than 2 months to decide what you're going to buy me from my Wish List. No pressure. The low end items are just as cool as the Elph digital camera, although I do share my love based on how much you spend on me.

Or something like that.
posted by J L 1:39 PM

MMmm. One bowl of Progresso homestyle chicken soup (with the little pearl pasta and carrots) and I'm ready for my nap! Yes, now I'm home from work, exhausted. The soup was just the thing. I don't even care if people are now official anit-progresso just because of their stupid ad campaign. There are still a couple of flavors of soup that just make me happy.
posted by J L 12:53 PM

I poked around on this morning to learn more about the new Smash Mouth cd which is due out in 2 weeks or so. Of course, they don't even have a picture of the cover art or a song list. Seems odd, considering the thing should be, well, done by now. Two weeks is only two weeks. I'd think the cover art should be available.

Smash Mouth has the distinction of being the one group my step-daughter and I both really like. Usually she's listening to *N Sync or Backstreet Boys or Aaron Carter. Eegah.
posted by J L 10:10 AM

Don't get too close to the monitor. I think I finally caught Mookie's cold. Plus he still has his a bit. Blegh.

Oh, but the one thing that made me feel GREAT today is that when I checked my mail this morning there was a note from a friend of mine from High School who I haven't seen, well, since high school. She signed on to Classmates and because I'm a member, I sent her a note. That's just so cool. She was one of my favorite people in high school...always nice to everyone, funny, etc etc. (I'd better stop now in case she reads this and thinks I'm going to stalk her.) But seriously, now I've been in touch (email) with about 4 or 5 people from my high school class from being on So cool.
posted by J L 9:39 AM

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Mookie and I are going to be in a Halloween parade today. He'll be in his dinosaur costume, and I'll wear the wizard costume I wore last year. I'm saving the Ren princess costume for the wedding reception on the 3rd.

I'd blustery outside. I hope that by noon, it's a few degrees warmer, else I should look for a wizard cape make out of bear fur.

I painted my fingernails purple and have deep purple eyeshadow and black lipstick. I'm considering this a trial run for Wednesday, when I wear this getup to work. I hope they encourage dressing up. I haven't actually checked yet.
posted by J L 9:39 AM

I knew that Denny's was hazardous to your health, but I didn't think it was hazardous the way the Sentinel & Enterprise reported this morning. Ten people, minding their own business, eating lunch, had a car land on them.

I'm staying out of Denny's. I like my lunch projectile-free. At least most of the time.
posted by J L 9:17 AM

Saturday, October 27, 2001


I tried to get in for an oil change at my local dealer (cause I wanted them to look at something else) and they rejected me. Well, they said I could "leave it" and they'd fit it in, but I don't feel like sitting in the waiting room for 5 hours. They only get one channel on the tv in the waiting room, and unlike Saturn, there is no bagel and beverage area. Not that I'm tied to car dealer bagels, but I don't have a ride, so I'd be trapped. If they were located next to a shopping mall or a movie theater, we'd be talking a whole different ball game.

So if you see me next week, I'm the one with dirty oil.
posted by J L 9:25 AM

Friday, October 26, 2001

Yesterday at our monthly company meeting, they had make-your-own sundaes. That was very very cool. But now it's Friday afternoon and I'm just wondering why they didn't let us finished up the leftovers today. There was enough for everyone to have a 2nd bowl, that's for sure.

Instead, I found a new blog I like, and added it to the link list. I hope someday someone links to mine. (And trust me, I'll know when you do.)
posted by J L 4:47 PM

This guy, James Lileks , gets paid to do what I want to do. Gosh, I'm jealous. I'm also a huge fan. I recently bought one of his old out-of-print books on Amazon, and now I have to buy the rest. But more importantly, I need to buy his NEW book.

I've written about him in the Dump before. I love his work.
posted by J L 12:26 PM

I think I'm going to give the chili a final score of 2 to my 0. A worthy opponent. I won't be doing THAT again soon.

But in the freaky "someone is playing with your world" arena, I was at my mom's after work to pick up my son, and she said "Hey, do you want to stay for dinner? I made chili." What are the odds? What are they?!

(No, I didn't stay. I would have had to sleep out in the back yard. But darn, it would have been nice to not have to make supper.)
posted by J L 9:14 AM

Thursday, October 25, 2001


Cafeteria Chili 1
Jody 0
posted by J L 2:06 PM

No anthrax in the office today. However, I am eating cafeteria chili, so I don't fear much in this world anyway.

It's not that it's's just not good. And why eat anything with beans at work, really?

Okay, so far, no reaction to lunch. I will keep you updated.
posted by J L 12:39 PM

Sometimes you run across a game that makes you laugh just reading the description. I got a link to Sheep Raider in the mail today and the concept just makes me want to high-five the creators. Now THAT is an original concept.
posted by J L 9:33 AM

A site for Spongebob fans! Now we have a starting point for OTHER Spongebob sites! I'll have to save the link to i *heart* spongebob and others for when Mookie is old enough to appreciate it.
posted by J L 8:48 AM

OOooh, heard that there was a dumptruck rollover on Route 2 this morning. Half of me is glad it wasn't on the stretch I drive, and half of me wanted to take a picture of a rolled-over dumptruck for the site.

But only if nobody got hurt. I'm not into those kinds of photos, thank you very much.
posted by J L 8:45 AM

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

I do think people care about the minutae of my life.
posted by J L 4:28 PM

I'm a little annoyed at my husband today. He didn't really do anything, but the problem is with his new car.

See, he used to drive a green Saturn LS, and nobody but nobody drives those. So if I saw one, hey, there was a good chance it was him. Cool.

Now he drives a tannish Camry and good Lord, they are EVERYWHERE. I keep seeing them, and thinking "Hey, Is that him?" and it isn't. (See, both of us commute for a stretch on the same piece of Route 2, so I keep thinking maybe, just maybe, we'll be on it at the same time coming home.)

I'm just saying.
posted by J L 1:58 PM

Okay, the newsletter just went out, let's see how this works. The Big DumpTruck Test Page.

I am now soliciting feedback to the eternal question: Should the Big DumpTruck become a "daily" that doesn't have a newsletter announcement or formal archives (in the format we previously had)
posted by J L 12:17 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Did this work?
posted by J L 9:41 PM

Another day, another dollar fifty. Mookie's nose is running like, well, let me come up with something clever and I'll edit this post later.

I on the other hand, am basking in the warm glow of my monitor. Mmmmmm. Nice.
posted by J L 2:57 PM

Woo hoo! I made the front page of the The Daily Probe again! I love it! I think the regular contributors are some of the funniest people on the planet, and to be considered "one of the staff" is, well, an honor. I would never tell THEM that, but as the token chick on the staff, well, it humbles me. I'm just happy to contribute, even when it's for the stuff that you don't get credit for.

So go read it people!
posted by J L 9:45 AM

Monday, October 22, 2001

I was doing some work-related web research (no, really!) and found that a keynote speaker (for some chamber of commerce meeting) has the title "chief creatologist" and I started thinking I might like that title for myself.
posted by J L 3:02 PM

This is a good Monday. It started a little too early (uh, 4:15am when my son woke me up to blow his nose about 50 times) but look at that, it's already after lunch!

I had a ham and american cheese with mustard. They don't have Gulden's Spicy Brown mustard in our cafeteria, so I settled for yellow. I could buy some and leave it there, but I don't want to share. I'm like that.

In a brilliant move, the caf manager put honey mustard in the yellow squeezy bottle, and the regular yellow mustard in the RED KETCHUP BOTTLE, with a sticker on it that says "yellow mustard."

I asked him "If I give you a dollar, will you go buy another yellow container?"
posted by J L 12:42 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Cool. The person who owns the Moon Signs website is going to be writing for NaNoWriMo and she only lives one town away. Not that it will help either of us, but it's cool to know someone local is going to be working on stuff.
posted by J L 8:44 PM

So have any of you signed up for NaNoWriMo! yet? I'm wondering if any friends are going to be writing along with me... drop me a line if you do sign on.

Oh, and I added a new BLOG to the list of links. I enjoyed what I've read so far.
posted by J L 6:02 PM

Mookie, my 3.75 year old, won't let us change the channel from Viva Las Vegas. He really seems to have a think for Ann Margaret. "I like when she sings, and I like when she talks.

Daddy likes when she dances in the little skimpy outfit.

Oh, and there is car racing and a helicopter. What a great movie!
posted by J L 5:58 PM

It's about 70 degrees and sunny outside. The perfect day. I have to turn off the computer now or I'll regret it later. I was outside for 2 hours, but I came in to get a drink. I should look to see where the husband and junior mint ended up, but if I'm lucky, they are prepping the fence to be waterproofed for the winter. I don't think I'm lucky. They probably went for a bike ride.

I love fall. And it's another Anthrax-free day.
posted by J L 12:28 PM

Saturday, October 20, 2001

We had a field trip with the in-laws to the Yankee Candle Retail store. This place is mind-blowingly huge. Just amazing. Of course, it being fall (foliage) and the Deerfield Academy homecoming weekend, there was the biggest crowd I have ever seen there. But the kids, after waiting half an hour in line did make their own candles. That was cool.

We ate lunch at Atkins Farms Country Market. This place is HUGE. And the pastry and deli stuff FANTASTIC!
posted by J L 7:41 PM

Keith is happy that I'm not addicted to Bejeweled anymore. It was a great addiction, and it was especially good when he was taking all those business trips to California to do web consulting. I was home here alone with Mookie, and after he went to bed, man, I'd play for hours. Good times.
posted by J L 7:31 PM

Field trip! We're going to see Bison today. I'm going to take a picture to share with all of you. So it will be like you are THERE with me.
posted by J L 9:12 AM

Friday, October 19, 2001

I just signed up to write a 200 page novel in one month. Over 1000 people have already signed up at NaNoWriMo ! and I'm sure more will. I think this will be an interested exercise, and even if I don't finish, well, what the hell, it's only carpel tunnel syndrome. I have to remember to tell Rick about this one. He's verbose.
posted by J L 5:10 PM

This, my friends, is priceless. Someone is tracking Stupid Ebay Items and listing them. Like a 1973 Yahtzee game with missing dice.
posted by J L 11:45 AM

I would like to just say "Hello Nancy!" to my pal, uh, Nancy, who was kind enough to actually READ this page today. She was also poking around on the main Dump Page and noticed my Amazon Honor System link wasn't working. I'm sure that's why there has been a definite lack of moolah pouring into that account. Not. Oh well. I'm going to come up with a product to sell, and I'll sell it for $2, and you'll have to use that to pay. What would you guys want that would only cost $2 and would take me like NO time to provide to you. Hmmm.
posted by J L 11:36 AM

I'm really glad it's Friday. I am SO ready for it to be the weekend. I don't have anything planned except to maybe go over to my sister's house so my son can play with her kids and she can make me a gourmet meal. You know, like she always does. (ahem).

I don't think a glass of wine would be out of the question either.
posted by J L 9:56 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Listen people, when I ask you to remind me to watch Survivor, I mean it! Now there are only 15 minutes left and I don't feel like bothering.

You've all disappointed me greatly.
posted by J L 8:46 PM

So where are all the people coming to see if I've updated this page? I mean, you visit once, you say to yourself "OOOOOOO! I have to remember to come back HOURLY!" but I am just not seeing that kind of traffic. I'm sure CNN is hogging all my readers. Damned Anthrax.

p.s. Another Anthrax-free day.
posted by J L 5:03 PM

I have to remember to set up the VCR tonight. I know that anyone who has been following my exploits for any length of time knows what a tv-aholic I have been. But I need to admit here and now that for the past few months, I have just not been watching tv. It's gotten really bad. I don't even watch the stuff I *like,* never mind the stuff that I used to watch just because it was on.

So I want to see Survivor III tonight. Yes, I know, but that's the ONLY show on my must-see list. At least until the Sopranos come back next year.
posted by J L 9:22 AM

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

I had my blood test this morning. The phlebotomist (Deb, is that spelled right?) said "Did you have anything to eat this morning?" and I said "No, what do you have?"

Really, there aren't too many blood test jokes, are there?
posted by J L 2:34 PM

Hmmm. Cafeteria chicken parm sandwiches may cause indigestion. News at 11.
posted by J L 1:38 PM

Some of my favorite web sites are the ones with Japanese Engrish. I remember visiting France in high school and not talking for three weeks because I was afraid of saying something silly using improper grammer. How I wish I had been free enough to just go for it. I'm sure my french would have closely resembled the stuff on this website.
posted by J L 9:14 AM

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

You know how I've been saying "Another Anthrax-free Day?" Well it almost wasn't! Well, not really. But the mail room at work found something suspicious. It turned out to not be "brown crystals" but CRIPES!
posted by J L 4:04 PM

Crap, I keep forgetting to go to the lab for my blood test. I have a follow-up appointment for my new medication on the 30th, and I need to get the blood work done before then. They will test the thyroid levels, and do aLipid Profile. That's the one I'm worried about. Apparently being hypo will mess up your cholesterol levels, and mine weren't good the last time. Of course, now all the cholesterol medication is apparently deadly, so that's out of the question.
posted by J L 3:08 PM

Wow. Made the new stuff, and the link was broken on the posted by J L 2:38 PM

I made two new items at the The Big DumpTruck Truck Stop

I think I'm going to order the mouse pad.
posted by J L 2:17 PM

Monday, October 15, 2001

It's almost time for bed. I feel, luckily, anthrax-free this evening.

It's starting to get to me. I said I wasn't going to let it get to me, but I don't want to go to any government buildings, I don't want to take public transportation (especially subways) and I'm very happy that I don't live in the city.

This really stinks. I think I need to listen to my Partridge Family's Greatest Hits CD to lift my mood. That used to work, anyway.
posted by J L 8:51 PM

Hey, I found the costume I bought last week at an online costume store. It's at, and the costume is Renaissance Princess. And I paid about the same locally, so it's good to learn I didn't get ripped off. I'm going to have to bookmark this site for next year. I like their stuff!
posted by J L 2:03 PM

Did bin Laden's goons take down the internet? Cause it seems to be slow. Very slow. As slow as my metabolism.

I am a member of a couple of mailing lists on (the same place that hosts the Big DumpTruck announcement list) and they were down all weekend, apparently to smash all their hardware with hammers. Anyway, the site came back up last night, but email sent 16 hours ago still hasn't been delivered. This makes me very very sad.
posted by J L 1:40 PM

Another anthrax-free day. It's raining and nasty out, plus it's Monday, but a day without Anthrax is a day full of sunshine!
posted by J L 8:53 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2001

I love The Brunching Shuttlecocks website. He's got 4 articles on rating things from the dollar store, and yesterday we actually went into the dollar store with the three kids (cause I wanted to see what they had for halloween decorations) and actually saw some of the stuff he reviewed! Isn't the internet useful?
posted by J L 11:07 AM

Saturday, October 13, 2001

I can't believe Saturday is almost over. Not fair, not fair, not fair. Oh, and the weather...someone owes me a raincheck. It was supposed to be 70 and sunny. It's been crappy and moist. By moist, it's been foggy, and you know how fog is made up of water vapor? Well that's what today has been like all day. I'm so bummed.
posted by J L 5:17 PM

Friday, October 12, 2001

I'm not too happy with all this Anthrax showing up at major media outlets. Interesting tactic, but I'm not happy. See, I subscribe to the National Enquirer (well, it's a gift subscription) and I'm not sure that they will be publishing this week, and if they DO, I'm not sure I want to touch the darned thing!
posted by J L 3:11 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2001

There's nothing like your boss calling in sick from the emergency room for possible pneumonia to make you question your own health.

"Am I getting short of breath? Was that a pain in my lung? Why does my neck hurt? Did I have that headache 10 minutes ago?"

I hope she's fine and it's nothing, but if it's pneumonia, it had better be the viral kind.
posted by J L 3:22 PM

We saw the movie Serendipity last week. A co-worker was surprised that Mr. DumpTruck was willing to attend a movie that didn't involve lots of flames and guns and guys with revenge on their minds.

But see, if you read the above review, you'll know that it was worth every penny we shovelled over to go. Oh, and the supporting players are just key in this one. Go. Just go.
posted by J L 11:12 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Mmmmm. Lobster bisque for lunch. Normally, this is not the sort of thing I'd buy in a cafeteria, but this is from Legal Seafoods, and I guess they sell it to food service companies. Anyway, this was some GOOD eating. Better than the cafeteria clam chowdah.
posted by J L 12:54 PM

Well, it's a new day here in Big DumpTruck land. This morning I stayed home later than usual to take Mookie to his first field trip ever! My little boy is growing up! He got to take a ride on a school bus ALL the way from one end of the street to the other, where there is a farm stand. They are going to see the animals and pick pumpkins. This is a complete thrill, or should have been if he hadn't decided to burst into tears on me.
I think it might be my fault. I told him "Don't forget to tell the bus driver that the wheels on his bus go 'round and 'round" and about 2 minutes later he started sobbing "I don't want to sing!" I'll never learn.
posted by J L 10:53 AM

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Keith prepares the coffee pot each night before we go to bed. Right now I am sitting at the counter, doing some work on the laptop, and all I can smell are the coffee grounds just waiting to be kissed by the hot water in the morning. It is hurting me to just sit here smelling that.
posted by J L 9:25 PM

Okay, I want all the reviews written on Amazon for the book I Had a Frightmare! should be in a book itself! I laughed, I, wait. I only laughed.
posted by J L 8:46 PM

HEY! I think I did it! Hello World!
posted by J L 5:28 PM

I'd say "testing" but that's boring.
posted by J L 5:10 PM

posted by J L 4:25 PM

Guys did chicks with their own blogs, right? I didn't even know the word existed until very recently. I don't want to muck up the regular dump too much. I mean, if I use all my energy here, what will be left for dumpage?

Anyway, this is sort of in test mode for a few days. Then I'll put a link to it from the homepage.
posted by J L 4:06 PM

And when I snap my fingers, this thing will work perfectly...
posted by J L 3:55 PM


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