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It’s Cozy Fire in the Fireplace Season Again

I am sad that summer is over. I say this every year, so you don’t need to hear me go into my perpetual whine about missing out on summer fun, going to the beach, etc. If I could afford it, I’d go to the beach this weekend. Screw the weather, I just want a room with a view of the ocean. And preferably something with some heat, because that’s pretty much unavailable from nature any more.

I’m glad autumn sort of eases in, because if it just dropped from perfect beach day to perfect apple picking day, I would spiral into an out of control case of the dumps. I’d be down in them. But the way it works out, but the time the trees are all turning, I’m excited about it, and I get to have my camera handy to try to take The Most Famous Photo Ever ™. I have yet to do it, but man, this year is certainly going to be my year. I just know it.


Happy Birthday to My Sister

It’s my sister’s birthday on Saturday the 3rd. I am posting this early to give you all time to go out and buy her a card and/or a present. I just remembered that I bought a card for her a couple of years ago that I never gave her, so it’s time to find it and dust it off. I think the last time I saw it, it was in junk drawer #2, aka the drawer where we keep the restaurant menus, scissors and tape. Not to be confused with the drawer with the playing cards, screwdrivers and rubber bands.

Everyone has two junk drawers, right?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, to my lovely sister, who is younger than me but I will deny it until we are old and decrepit. Which may be soon.


I Need Someone to Worship Me

You know, I suddenly realized it’s been a while since I’ve had people worship me. These days, I can’t even summon a warm feeling, never mind true worship. How am I supposed to stay happy and upbeat when forced to live a normal person life? I just don’t know how it’s possible!

And that’s why I don’t like Thursdays.


Morning Fog on Route 190

Morning Fog on Route 190, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

Some mornings, the commute is much better than others. And on those mornings, it’s made great by having my camera handy.


Ode to My Piggy Toe

You say “wee wee wee” all the way home, and how do I thank you? I jam you into shoes that kind of crush you a little big so that you hurt all morning but then eventually don’t hurt any more, which is awesome of you. Those really are nice shoes, I mean, it’s all worth it when you see how cute they are, even on my mongo feet. People will see you jammed into these hot little sandals and think “hey, she has got it going ON! I’ll bet she didn’t even buy those on sale!” but they would be wrong.

So thank you, little piggy toe. I’m sorry about that. Tomorrow I’ll treat you to some flip flops.


Sucky Movies and A New Website

My son picked out a movie at Movie stop. I knew I wasn’t going to like it because I’ve tried to watch it before, but really, there are two reasons this should be a good movie. 1: Mel Brooks can be funny. 2: Parodies amuse me.

However, the movie in question is Spaceballs and it’s pretty much unwatchable. I say pretty much because every once in a while there is a line that in a funny movie would be fabulous. Like the line “What’s the matter Colonel Sandurz? Chicken?”

Oh look, Mel Brooks showing off all his movies on VHS! Wait, there is a self-reference to the movie Spaceballs in the movie Spaceballs? I think some brain cells really and truly just exploded right now. Deep Hurting.

So to prevent extra pain from actually watching the movie, I think I finally got my new website running with a template I can live with, at least for now. Take a spin over to Photo-Gnome to see what I’ve been doing. Oh, and by the way, if you try to go there yourself, remember that someone else got the .com, I’m the .net (and the .info, but who is going to remember that, right?)


Mini Vacation Over So Soon?

Spent two nights up in Manchester Vermont and got back home last night. I love me some vacation. I’m rather bummed to be home but to be honest, I ran out of cheese money on Tuesday. I will chalk this one up to just being lucky to get away from home at all. And I was thinking of taking The Boy to the beach but now it looks pretty chilly and rainy the next couple of days. That’s no fun for anyone.

Actually, I have to go through all the photos and videos now, or it will never get done. But if today is the nicest day remaining this week, shouldn’t I “do” something fun and save that for the rainy days? It’s 9am, I’d better decide soon!


Best of the Dump Rerun

I’m pretending I’m a radio show with a week vacation. Here’s a re-run “Best of the Dump” from 2005…

What’s Lacking in My Life
You know what is seriously ticking me off right now? That nowhere, and I mean nowhere, am I referenced as “an important voice of [my] generation.” What the hell is up with that oversight? What do I have to do to fix this problem, anyway?

I’m going to write a book, and damn it, each and every one of you is going to buy 10 copies. You will send them out to people you know who live in foreign places west of 495 (like, even maybe Indiana or someplace freaky like that). Do you hear me? You people are just not holding up your end of the partnership!

First Day As Your Voice
Okay, so now that I am officially an important voice of my generation, I would just like to welcome you all here and offer you some leftover Girl Scout Cookies. I know what you’re thinking. “What is a leftover Girl Scout Cookie?” Right. Because such a thing does not normally exist in our universe. But I swear, they are GSCs and they are leftover. Actually, what happened is last year I hid a box and I didn’t actually find them until recently. I think it was last year. It might have been 2003. But I think they’re still good, because they aren’t green.

Okay, so now that we’re all cozy, I suppose I should take a poll about some of the things you find important, because as your official voice, I should know those things and be able to speak about them. Right? That’s part of the job description, no? If the list is good, maybe I’ll give it a whole chapter of my groundbreaking book of humorous essays that you are all going to be buying and distributing, along with the 2006 Magnetic Poetry Calendar with the June page proudly featuring my poem. So really, what I’m doing for you, in addition to being your voice, is helping you do all your holiday shopping 9 months early. No need to thank me, I can just see the gratitude in your smiling faces.

Whew. This is hard work. It’s a lot more responsibility than I thought. Can you guys pass the cookies?


Solving the World’s Problems, Yet Again

This time it’s not me, though. It’s The Boy. He starts 6th grade (Middle School!) in less than two weeks. In discussing how you have to pick a stereotypical [my term] group of friends to hang with, he defined the difference between geeks and nerds for me.

Geeks are into gadgets and electronics
Nerds are into math

You know, I think that works for me, so henceforth, this will be a rule of the Sorting Hat. And before you start up with the “crossover” comments, I’ll just say that if you are a geek who is into math, you get tagged as a nerd. Geeks not into math remain geeks. The only other accurate measure we could use as a tie-breaker is how many hours of the Sci-Fi channel you watch a week. 0-3 = Geek, 4 or more = nerd.

So I say it, so shall it be.


Jobu Loves Baseball – and So Do I

Man oh Man, I love Leominster during baseball season! Kicking ass and taking names we have the following status on Tournament Titles:

Jimmy Fund Massachusetts Division 3 Tournament Winners
North Leominster 12s
North Leominster 11s (Willie Sinclair Tournament)
North Leominster 10s
[The North Leominster 9s did a great job as well – barely missing the top in their championship game to Pepperell.]

Stacey Bradley Tournament Winner
North Leominster 8s

Babe Ruth All-Star Tournaments
Leominster 14s – Western MA Champions
Leominster 13s – play Wednesday for the New England Championship and a spot in the Babe Ruth World Series

Basically North Leominster owned these tournaments, and I’m very proud of each and every kid who played this summer, and of the ones who didn’t make the teams but cheered on their friends and teammates just the same. You kids rule.