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December 5, 2001  


New Look

I have temporarily redesigned the Dump. I want a change, and I'm just not that handy, so I played around a little bit. My husband the web shark, does not now and has not ever done any design work on this site, even though his company's name (Aeropub Communications) is shown at the bottom of the page. That is there because anyone interested in advertising on this site should contact him. He's got the business account, and this site falls under his "umbrella."

Anyway, I want to make things a lot slicker, but I also don't want to mess with the kindly old lady homespun feel. The content is the important thing. I just think I might ask him for a little help, but A) he says I'm a lousy client because I can't tell him what I want, I can only tell him what I don't want, and B) he's actually pretty busy right now.

Anyway, this will be the new look for the rest of 2001, I'm pretty sure. Well, there are only 3 weeks left in 2001. So I'm positive.

What Month is This?

It was pushing 65 degrees today around here. Crap, global warming has arrived. Mr. Dump tells me that it's supposed to be a snowy winter , and the first storm is due in a week or so. I have no idea who his source is. For all I know there is a fortune teller in his office. I just nod my head and say "got gas for the snowblower?"

I like 65 degrees. Do NOT get me wrong. It just feels too weird. Mom called me at work today and asked if I'd been outside at all, when she said "oh, you have to" I yelled out to my coworkers that my mom said I had to leave. Nobody bought it.

Getting In The Spirit

I like Leominster, but man, my sister lives in Littleton and her town really does the holidays right. We went there this evening for the Rotary Club's annual tree lighting. Santa arrived on a Hook and Ladder and gave every kid a hand shake and a candy cane. Santa threw the switch that turned on all the lights in the center. And they had free donuts!

It might not be fair to even compare the two towns. Size-wise, I doubt we can afford candy canes for all the kids that would show up. And my sister does seem to know when all the activities are happening. Because I never pass through downtown, I have no idea what's going on. That's kind of sad, actually. I don't subscribe to the local papers because they would pile up unread, and while I do read the online editions of both the Sentinel and the Worcester Telegram, they only tell about events AFTER they happen. That really annoys me. The notice that the event is upcoming is lost in a pile of "Blood Pressure Screening" notices.

Oh well, at least we saw Santa. Mookie told me he was going to sit on Santa's lap and tell him he wanted some spaghetti. (Ya, next year we'll eat first THEN go out for the gathering.)

Mookie, King of the Alley

You can keep your Tiger Woods. I've got Mookie the amazing preschool bowler. It's his new obsession, now that all the mini-golf spots are closed for the season. We head over to Masons, which, yes, can be a very scary place. But soon the guy will just hand us the correct size shoes when we walk in, because we'll be regulars. There a lot of places I've wanted to be a regular, and that was never ever one of them.

The one weekend I didn't go with the family bowling, they came home and told me that Mookie destroyed them all. I'm not sure if the addition was correct, but the score sheet said 95. 95!!! He isn't even four yet! He got a spare on a strike. Of course the score was courtesy having bumpers in the gutters but I'm not taking anything away from him. It is HARD to get a 95 when you're bowling with candlepins!

The Book, She is Not Yet Done

If you haven't been following my novel-writing adventures (and why the heck haven't you? I update the silly page DAILY for you people! Is this the thanks I get?) you know that I did indeed finish the 50,000 words in a month challenge. In fact, I hit 50k a whole day early! But the novel isn't anywhere near being done. I started editing it (not a detailed edit, but a plot edit) and have already stripped out close to 10,000 words. It kills me to do it, but the novel skims along for about 30 pages in one direction, before you get to the words "THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE THE NOVEL ACTUALLY BEGINS" and you're in a whole 'nother book. I just couldn't delete pages I'd written when the goal was to write 50k, no matter how crappy and not-booklike it was. I did salvage some stuff from those first 30 pages, but I'm not sure how I'll use them. A lot of that part of the novel was about a character who was never mentioned again in the remaining 120 pages.

So once I strip those parts out and get to the meat of what I wrote, I'm going to add in the four pages of notes I have and then let it sit for a few weeks. Maybe I'll start something else in the meantime, because it feels REALLY weird to not be working on a book at that hellish pace.

The List

Things I Should Have Done Tonight Instead of Redesigning this Page

  • Looked for the button that fell off my pink shirt and rolled under the couch and sewed it back on.
  • Sort through the horrible awful black hole that is the mail bin.
  • Sleep.


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