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Friday, March 12, 2004

Problem Solved

Tracked down the person and had a conversation and all is good. Man, did I ever feel like an ass for bringing the topic up. But it had to be done or I would have died from migraine-like headaches. Not cool.

[Editor - This eventually turns into a rant. You have been warned.]

I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper yesterday, but they won't publish it unless I give them my phone number. They will then call me and say "Did you write blah blah blah" and I'll say yes and then they can print it if they want. The thing is, by the time they got to asking me for my phone number, some of the steam had burned out of me, and now I'm wondering if I should let them publish the letter. I enjoy writing them, in the heat of the moment, but then 6 or 12 or 24 hours later, you start wondering if you really want your letter in the local paper. I was ranting at some brainless wonders who had attended a prayer service against gay marriage. What really set me off was a woman who said something brilliant about there being male and female animals. Well, ya. So what? There are male and female people. Your point? Well, her point was that they pair up that way. Interestingly, the Daily Show JUST did a segment on gay penguins two nights ago. It's verified fact that some animals pick same-sex partners. My favorite exchange in the interview was
"Just because it happens in nature does not make it natural!"
"Uhhh...I think by definition, it actually does."

Some [mumble mumble] they later talked to actually said that "this is just propaganda. If you can believe that these are gay penguins, you're buying the gay agenda."

Are you kidding me? It's right there in front of his eyes, with no human intervention, and he's saying it's part of the gay agenda? This is like the joke about the guy in the flood who told rescuers in boats that God would save him, and when he dies and asks God why he didn't save him, God said "I sent three boats!"

You can show these people hundreds of examples like this (the zookeeper mentioned seals and monkeys too) and they'll be blind to it, because they refuse to see this as maybe, just maybe, that it's not "a decision."

Cripes. Sorry for the rant, but the Daily Show was too funny, and yet it ticked me off royally at the same time. And it goes perfectly with the "rally" they had in Fitchburg. *sigh*

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

To the Cologne-Wearers

Don't. Just don't. If you work in an office, for God's sake, don't. It's not subtle, it's not whatever you think it is. It reeks, and it invades my private air space and gives me a sinus headache.

Why you think you need to slather on perfume/aftershave/cologne is beyond me. You don't. If you are hiding something, some medical condition that makes you smell like feet, we can talk. But it is my studied belief that people who smell like feet are not the ones wearing cologne. No, those folks continue to merrily smell like feet. The ones with the cologne problem say "Oh, I smoke, I need it so I don't smell like cigarettes." I have news for you. Unless you store your clothes in an ashtray, the smell of smoke doesn't linger on you long enough for it to be an issue. And hey, I have another solution to your problem: quit smoking. Extend your life so you'll live to see your kids grow up and get to meet your grandkids.

And in the meantime, cut the crap with the perfume, okay?

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Flying North For the Summer

Yesterday and again today I saw a lovely V-formation of geese flying north. Well, the formation was lovely, the geese, not so much. They must have been really ticked off to fly into a snow storm. Oh well, such is March in New England.

I can't stand Canada geese. They are so unbelievably messy. And dumb. And mean. They look great when they're flying, but have you ever seen the sheer quantity of goose poop these things produce? I've seen a pond "killed" because of all the goose poop. It made me angry.

I also worked in Waltham where they would wander into the middle of a three lane road, and because they are slow and walk one behind the other, either you stop and wait or you get nasty dead goose all over the grill.

A flock of them hung out near our building, and one day they trapped us in because the "leader" was dumber than a box of rocks and lead them into a corner and none of them would turn around and walk OUT of the corner. The glass acted like a mirror and they were fighting with their reflections. When we tried to open the door to leave, they'd all start hissing at us. What a way to end your day, trapped by angry, stupid geese.

One brave warrior finally found a broom (you'd be surprised how much stuff you don't have just lying around in an office building) and went out swinging. Phew. Saved from the evil hissing geese!

So that's my rant against geese for today.

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Ocean-Front Rentals

Anyone out there have an ocean-front walk-to-the-beach rental available in late June? Anyone? Anyone?

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Unknown Anne Frank Connection

While searching the web to find my dentist's phone number (you know, just in case *shudder*) I got a page that shows two of Anne Frank's maternal uncles lived in Leominster. I have no idea how long they lived here, if the way the page is written indicates they died here or what, but why was this never mentioned in school, when we were reading the book? I mean, I'd remember something like that!

I don't have time to look up any more information now, but if you do visit this page, could you give me your opinion of what it means that Leominster is in parenthesis after their names? Because that line talks about where they lived during the war, I was thinking it meant they lived here when they first came to the U.S.

I wonder if the Leominster Historical Society web page has anything on this?

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Brought My Lunch Today

I packed myself a lunch today. I don't usually do that - I take advantage of the fairly decent, sometimes downright delicious, hot meals here at work. My lunch is usually less than $5.00, and it allows me to eat cereal for dinner and know that I had at least one good meal complete with veggies that day.

But I went grocery shopping yesterday and got some absolutely gorgeous strawberries, and this morning that was my inspiration to pack a lunch. That and having lunch meat and some potato rolls on which to place the lunch meat. There's nothing better than ham and cheese with Guldon's spicy brown mustard on a potato roll. So don't even try to discuss it with me.

Of course, now I'm nervous that they're going to be serving one of my favorite lunches today. If they are, what should I do? I should just eat what I packed, but you know I'll put the sandwich in the fridge and save it for tomorrow if they're serving either the chicken and sweet onion quesadillas, or that Tuscan pasta dish they started making a couple of weeks ago. Mmmmm.

Also, can someone please tell me why my tooth hurts? It's making me nervous.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

We're Outside, Are You?

It's 45 and sunny and we are having fun today! It wasn't windy enough to fly kites today, which was a bummer, but we filled the kite-flying time with...Junior riding his bike without the training wheels! I got a lot of it on tape, so I may put a few frames up here on the site for you to enjoy...I just can't do it now because I promised I'd head back outside.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, which really makes you appreciate the current temps.

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