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Friday, February 13, 2004

Freakish Snack Product Review

Now how could I ignore the bag in the vending machine that said "T.G.I. Friday's Mozzarella Snack Sticks (Original Flavor?)

I mean, the picture implies cheese, and I'm wondering what they did to get cheese in the bag.

Gah. God bless the artificial flavor industry, but this is just too odd for words. They're like Cheese Doodles, but instead of orange, they're made to look like deep friend mozzarella. And the cheese flavor mimics some kind of real cheese. But every bite made me feel just that much close to death. I'm going to have to give them a B-, which is for interesting look and feel, and some kind of addictive component, but just nothing I'd buy again unless I was feeling low in the salt and powdered cheese department.

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Ruining my Streak

Aw man, I didn't get a single virus message for almost 24 hours and someone just blew it for me.

People, one last time...DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENTS!

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puppies and kitties and butterflies

Because I offended some readers by posting an atypical rant yesterday, I will give you only happy thoughts today.

Knock knock
Who's there
Atch who?
Bless you!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Small, er, Medium Rant

So I'm reading yet another National Guard article. I am interested in this because it just screams cover-up. I would just like the White House to be HONEST with me, a piddley little tax-paying registered voter, thank you very much. If there is nothing to hide, then show it all. Everything people are asking for. Who is Bush, John Lennon or Harry Nilsson, having a lost weekend, er, five months?

This quote from a story from USA Today burns my butt:
"On Wednesday, McClellan said those seeking additional details on Bush's records are "trolling for trash for political gain," and engaging in "gutter politics.""

Dude, we are not. I have no political gain to make from this. For God's sake, if he screwed up and didn't do something he was supposed to, he should admit it. Dismissing the questions the people of the United States have about this is bullcrap. Does anyone but me remember the effort to impeach Clinton for lying? I mean, seriously, what is the difference?

I can appreciate that people love Bush, and think he deserves to be in office. But I wouldn't let my six year old get away with making claims that he couldn't back up. If I suspected he wasn't going to school, you don't think I'd want to see attendance records? I should just trust him because he tells me I'm conducting a witch hunt? B.S. I want to see the records, and I don't want them edited for my viewing pleasure. Bushie made it pretty damned easy for the government to look at ANY SINGLE ASPECT OF ANY PART OF MY LIFE with the Patriot act...so why all the hush hush secrecy? You don't think that makes you look guilty?

You: What have you got in your hand?
Kid: Nothing. [puts hands behind back]
You: Show me.
Kid: [Puts out one hand, but leaves the other behind back.]
You: I want to see both hands.
Kid: [Puts that hand behind back and then shows the other.]
You: Oh, okay, I guess you didn't have anything in your hand.
Kid: [under breath] Putz.

Ya, I'm really getting pissed about this.

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I have been tickled pink (PINK I TELL YOU!) with Junior the past two days. Every day I see little changes, and see him becoming more his own man. Weird how I thought that would upset me ("My baby is growing up! *sniff*") but it isn't. I think it's cool.

His favorite color is black. I don't know when that happened, or why, or if it will stick, but there you go. Black. If my aunt is reading this *waving* she'll be smiling because her youngest son also loved black. I remember (and I thought this was the coolest thing EVER) when she bought him a whole box of black crayons from Crayola, because he would wear his out and she was tired of buying new boxes of crayons just to get black. How cool a mom is THAT? This was back, oh, maybe early 70s? Not like you can just hop on the internet and do a search.

So anyway, he declared black his favorite and I just have to go with that. Even if I don't want him wearing a black winter coat, you know what? It makes him happy. My friend's daughter's favorite color is orange, and there's just something freaking about a little blond girl wanting everything to be orange (instead of pink or purple) but that's pretty cool too, you know?

So what was I saying? Oh, Junior got it into his head that he'd be Dexter and have a secret lab in the house, so he needed a notebook because in one episode of Dexter's Lab Deedee pressed a button in a book to open the secret portal. I found a blank notebook from my stash of the ones that were popular about 7 or so years ago, and it was black plaid. I must have known.

For two days now, when I've gone to drop him off at the daycare, he's grabbed a chair, sat down with his pencil, and started filling up the notebook with drawings, scribbles etc. There are some buttons to push, and pictures of Mike from Monster's Inc, which he recently realized he could draw.

It's too cool to see your kid totally engrossed by writing in a notebook you bought because you get totally engrossed by writing in a notebook. I don't know if I see author in his future; my nephew, at five and a half, came up with a GREAT plotline the other day, so I can pin my hopes on him, too. My niece is going to be an artist of some sort. She's amazing at three and a half, and I'm not just saying that because she's my wonderful amazing niece - she runs circles around most 6 year olds. Then again, she's smarter than my son and nephew put together, so who the hell knows what she'll end up being. Or any of them.

I can't wait to find out.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Rotating the Stock

My blogroll was getting a bit unwieldy, so I've split it off into sites I read a couple of times a day, on the off chance the owner has thrown a nugget in my direction, and those that I try to read if I notice that they've been updated. The "Where I've been recently" list is blogs that I may add to one of the other lists if I find myself unable to ignore the little "updated" sign when it glows.

If you got moved or removed, don't take it personally...I just can't visit all these sites every day or it will cut into my precious eating and sleeping time. And I love you all, but I have my limits.

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What? 4 o'clock?

How did THAT happen? Seriously, where did this day go?

I was going to hit the vending machine up for some chocolate, but peer pressure or guilt or something, made me buy pretzels instead. Now I'm all loaded up on carbs and salt and I still want some candy.

Would I have gone for the M&Ms if I was alone in the building? I don't know. I think I may have *gasp* made the decision to avoid them all on my own. Somehow, in the past couple of months, I've developed the first buds of self-control. Don't know/don't care how, but there it is.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Random Thoughts

Here are some items that aren't developed enough to be their own entries, but I don't want to lose the thoughts. Or something.

* I drove by a house that had an old, broken-down wagon in the front yard as a decoration. It actually made me wonder if homes with a big wooden wagon wheel propped up against the fence realize they are creating the 19th century equivalent of having a Goodyear radial propped up on the front lawn. The big broken wagon? Like having a Subaru Justy up on blocks, dude.

* In the "things I don't want to eat" department, I heard a radio ad this morning proclaiming that my days of commute hunger are over - 7-11 is selling some kind of omelet sandwich. People, if you ever see me buying an omelet at a 7-11, take away my keys, my wallet and anything pointy I may have on my person.

* I'm craving a Greek salad from Demos in Waltham. Big time.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

My Corpse Is An Honor Student at Graveyard High

You know, if I had been able to keep my wits about me, and wasn't actually trying to drive at the time, I'd have attempted to put my little tiny crappy camera on the Sidekick and get a photo of this. But of course, that didn't happen. So I'll have to paint you the picture in words.

First of all, I noticed the mini van because it was the same make and model and color as Junior's old daycare provider. So I always notice these purple vans, trying to see if it's her so I can wave.

I glanced down at the license plate, and realized that this van had hearse plates. Hearse plates. I was behind a purple, Plymouth hearse. So many thoughts ran through my head, the first of which was "Man, I would be so pissed if I died and didn't get to ride in the big fancy black one." Oy. Ya, sure, this could be the vehicle they use to get the flowers or whatnot to the Church, or whatever it is they need to do to prepare for a funeral. Or it could be carrying the body from the morgue to the funeral home, I suppose.

Either way, I guess those fold-down seats come in handy. I just want to know, if I buy a used van someday, what EXACTLY it was used for. It didn't occur to me to wonder until the other day.

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Sale Cereal

Do I really need a sale to buy Cocoa Pebbles? Well no, I don't. I'm more than willing to buy them if I want them. But a sale on Cocoa Pebbles means we're having cereal for dinner! Well, I'm having cereal for dinner. And some leftover Peking ravioli. (Yea takeout! Thanks Deb!)

Oh, so at Sam's* this morning and our favorite waitress gave Junior a little paper umbrella in his apple juice straw. Jackpot! It's good to start your Sunday with an umbrella drink!

Well, while Junior and Mr. Dump waited for me in the parking lot of Shaws, apparently the umbrella got torn. The solution, per Junior, was to go to the Chinese restaurant! Wow! Nobody ever wants to go to the Chinese restaurant with me! But then the kicker: "Ya, we'll go in and get one and then just leave."

NO! If I'm going to obtain a paper umbrella, it had better be because I'm on the receiving end of a scorpion bowl, baby.

I leave you with the lyrics to a song Dave wrote on Dave the Barbarian - it's an ode to a cheese danish:
"Cheese and Sugar, Cheese and Sugar, with the texture of a booger."

I like that show. I don't know if it's popular enough for anyone to know what the hell I'm talking about if I tell you that all my shoveling this weekend makes me look like The Can. Heh.

*Sam's is the name Junior gave the place we get breakfast every Sunday morning, back about 3 or so years ago. He thought the owner's name was Sam. It wasn't. Her name was Kim, but to this day if we see her, we call her Sam - I think she finds it VERY amusing. She doesn't even own the place anymore, so if you are looking for a restaurant called Sam's around here, good luck.

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