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It wasn’t supposed to snow today. I don’t want it to snow today. If I wanted daily snow I’d move to the mountains. Or Antarctica.

Mr. Dump is on grocery detail because we never really completely restocked after having to dump everything in the fridge and freezer from the ice storm. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. How about today? It’s snowing today too, and I bet you are just THRILLED.


    Ya me neither. WTH? We get entombed in ice and lose power for 7 days, and now buried in two one-footer storms one right after the other? Yeesh!

  2. I dropped about $80 at Walmart after the storm. It was a good move, because I didn’t even leave the house all weekend. I went to the mall and Target today and both were bonkers, since everyone lost the weekend for shopping. Bleh.

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