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Bunny Hopping

leaper, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I took the camera to the Bolton Fair on Sunday, hoping to find something good to photograph. When I realized the Frisbee Dogs were going to do an exhibition, I knew I had to try to get some action shots. This dog, Jazz, as really the most psycho and fun to watch. They told us she has to go out first because she’ll wear herself out, freaking out and barking, until they let her “play”.

There are about 8 other cool doggie photos on my Flickr account (and 30 or so more on my hard drive!)

So did I miss seeing any of you Sunday? We were the ones taking pictures of chickens. No, really.


5 thoughts on “Bunny Hopping

  1. We were there Sunday from about 11 to 2. Between dragging my pregnant butt around and M’s sun issues, though, we’d had enough at that point. Plus, someone wanted to get home for the game. It was fun tho. The only thing we bought was some honey from a stand near the midway. And what a beautiful day. This weather rocks.

  2. Nice pic as usual. I heard from folks it was very crowded so we stayed away. Wife ran local 4H years ago and we went to Spencer Fair. I love the warmer weather, hit my 70lbs off and pushing towards 80. So my stints at Doyle in the AM been real nice. Feels good to run again too and not just between the tv and frig as before. Jerry

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