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white on white

white on white, originally uploaded by Big DumpTruck.

I got to be a chaperone today! We went to Sturbridge Village today with all the third graders from Junior’s school…that was five busses worth. I only had Junior and his best bud to watch over, so the three of us basically did whatever we wanted to do. THAT is a great school trip…I felt like I had basically just taken the two of them out to do fun stuff for the day. Plus, as a bonus, I got to ride on the bus there and back!

Here’s a photo I took today. I’m getting so much better at this photography stuff, if I do say so myself. Maybe someday I’ll get some of this printed and my home can be filled with original artwork. Or something like that.


4 thoughts on “white on white

  1. I like it. Really cool. I would buy that art work of yours. Or barter for cheese cakes or kringles.

    Glad to see the trip was good – would have been SAD:-( otherwise. Fredster has major important spelling bee coming up 2morrow – I will remember to drill him on “chaperone” and “photography”. Buzz.

  2. I loved school trips. I used to learn so much; (i’m speaking as a mother)

    I like the pic too; is that house typical of your area?

  3. There are a lot of old houses like this in these parts. This house is on museum property, but I have seen plenty of these around.

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