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When Renewal is Just Handed to You

I was thinking of not renewing my domain because I actually haven’t used it. I will admit, in trying to create the perfect site I sandblasted the WordPress templates and style sheets to bits, and then ended up with redirects not working properly, among other things.

It’s a mess.

I did have a lot of luck with the Nanowrimo blog I set up as a subdomain, so there’s always that. Anyway, the domain was up for renewal, and I just don’t have the cash to renew something that I’m not using, even if it was only $15. So I went to my hosting company to just back everything up and let it die of natural causes when I noticed that I had a $15 credit on my account. That’s right, they had credited me with $15 because someone out there knew who my host was and put my domain in the referrer field when they signed up for service. DUDE! Do you know how awesome it was to be able to renew the domain? And now I promise that I’m going to perform a “do over” on the site, and get something going over there, even if it’s mightily scaled back of what I had planned out last year.

So just as an FYI, if anyone is looking for ultra cheap yet very good hosting, I highly recommend PowWeb. And when you sign up, for goodness sake, you need to either give my name or “” (Not this site, which is under a different hosting company because I’m too damned lazy to actually move it over to another host, given there are years and years worth of files I’d have to worry about.) If I get another $15 referral fee, I’ll consider setting up another subdomain that we can all play with, a la the nano blog.