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Ahh, Screw It

Stupid Fenway tickets. Stupid waiting rooms and sold out games. Stupid not ever being able to take Junior to a Red Sox game yet, and he’s nine.

So you know what? We picked up 3 tickets to a Sox/Orioles game IN Baltimore for September. Got onto their site, picked the game (9/8)…bing bang boom, done. So that’s going to be a mini-vacation for us. I am going to find a fancy-pants hotel with a fantastic view, and I will get to enjoy a game in one of the parks I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I am actually far more excited about this than I would be if I picked up 3 tickets for a home game.

If the step-kids are reading, sorry we didn’t get 5 tickets. I’ll have to owe you one…


2 thoughts on “Ahh, Screw It

  1. You’ll have a blast. I went to a Sox game in Baltimore on a road trip I took a few years ago. My parents flew down for a couple days; when I met them at the airport, everyone coming off the plane from Providence was decked out in Red Sox gear and was heading straight for Camden Yards. It’s a beautiful park.

  2. Camden Yard is beautiful. I took a tour of it when I was in college, when it was newer. Baltimore is a great town, too. Have fun!

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