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Thank You For Your Attention

I just want to thank everyone who at least attempted to stay off the roads while I shopped this weekend. Friday night we hit Eastern Boarder and there were enough people staffing the store that we did not have to wait to talk to anyone, a huge plus. Saturday we did less shopping than intended, but even though Target was busy, the lines were very very manageable. So thanks for that. We even only had a 15 minute wait for lunch at TGI Fridays. As an aside, have any of you ever tried their “Mac and Cheese for Grownups?” Holy crap is that stuff good. It’s got mushrooms and bacon (but not so much that it overpowers – just a few pieces sprinkled throughout) and some grilled chicken with peppers and onions on top. Even the chicken was delish. That is my Big DumpTruck Pick of the Week, for those of you who are hungry and near a TGI Fridays. I couldn’t finish mine, so I shared it with my step-son so I don’t know how it reheats. I think you could easily make two meals out of it, though.

We had tremendous luck with hitting the mall (Pheasant Lane in Nashua) early yesterday. I think because it was Sunday, people did not think it would be open as early as it was, but we got a primo parking spot, and in a couple of stores, we were literally the only customers. I believe I am 95% done my shopping now, so I will step back and let you all have free run of the roads and malls. Only two more weeks until people can stop obsessing about shopping. I do love when that happens.

I love shopping as much as the next 15 people. In fact, my Nano Novel was about a shopaholic this year. But I prefer to shop when I don’t have a deadline hanging over my head and a ton of people clogging the aisles. We ran into one couple yesterday who much have purchased about $400 worth of gift items at the Lindt Chocolate store. But I’ll bet they had not a single person left to buy for by the time they left. And now I’m hungry for chocolate, which apparently means I need some potassium, if something odd I read on the internet is to be believed.

Anyway, happy Monday everyone.


6 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Attention

  1. Chocolate cravings? Potassium deficiency? Man! I must need a lot of potassium.

    Can you clear the stores here for me? I still have 4 more people to buy for. ugh.

  2. I bought all the stuff for my hubby online and had it sent to work. I’m wrapping it all here. Screw stores.

  3. I tallied up the toys last night and I think I am also 95% done. I’m ordering a few more things now, and maybe 1-2 more stores and I should be done.

    Congrats to you on being at the mall before the crowds! Nice! I was in the black friday rush but it worked out well for me.

    p.s. why are the stupid word verification thingys always so hard to read?!

  4. I hate the word verification thingy. It doesn’t display at all on my phone browser, so I cannot leave comments on sites that use it. But you watch, if I turn it off for even a little while, the spammers will come back.

    Rogich, there’s a 24 hour package machine? Does it weigh it and put the postage on it for you? Will it save my butt if I go there tonight?

    I bought a lot of gifts online (I have for years) and have them sent to my mother’s house. I need to go over there and open all the boxes and wrap everything. What’s funny is that when we’re at her house on Christmas Eve, Mr. Dump will go downstairs and load up the car with everything, so it never has to be at our house!

  5. [Reposting what was said about the post office package machine: ]

    Yes, the post office machine will weight it, ask you questions, put in a payment card of some sort, prints you out a electronic stamp (kinda big so leave room on the left side of the pkg).. Stick the postage on and drop in the mail slot (big barrel thing with a handle).

  6. We checked out the new Friday’s last night — hubby wanted to go to Olive Garden, but the wait was 45 minutes and there was none next door. Our meal was seriously average. Maybe I’ll get the mac and cheese next time — was just afraid of what it would do to my belly with all the dairy.

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