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Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Bubble Water

I drink a LOT of sparkling water, which I call bubble water. Because it is water with bubbles in it, that’s why. I do not like the bubble water that has sweetener in it. That is not water. It is soda, I don’t care what you say. If you take water and add raspberry flavor and Splenda (or God forbid the pink or blue stuff) it is no longer water. It is sugar free Kool-Aid. But if it’s carbonated, it’s soda. Done. No more discussion.
I like the flavored water, but not with sugar. So I buy Poland Spring Sparkling Raspberry-Lime by the case (we have it delivered), or I buy the plain kind. Every once in a while I will buy a case of Perrier so that I can take it with me to someone’s house for dinner or whatever, and be all classy-like.
Last time I ordered water, I noticed that they were selling San Pellegrino water too. So I can now choose from American, French, or Italian bubble water. I am tri-liqual! The thing about the San Pellegrino is that it comes in glass bottles. So that is WAY classy-like. Unfortunately, I do not want to have a case of glass bottles in the house, so I may not buy them again until I have a need to impress people with the quality of the water I serve at my house. But if you like bubble water as much as I do, sign up for Poland Springs delivery. Wait, I should see if they have a referral program before I tell you to do that. Drop a note in the comments and I will look into it. I know when I first signed up, a referral would have gotten me a couple of free cases of water. That’s not too shabby!


7 thoughts on “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Bubble Water

  1. Delivery sounds good, didn’t think that they delivered flavored water. I am a fruit flavor water junkie for a few years but have not been shopping BJs much lately and been slacking off. Lately we put a PUR filter on the faucet so we found that filtered water is soo much better for coffee, tea and cooking in general. However I am finding the PUR filter plug up fairly easily only after 50 gals of use where is should do 2X that.
    I am actually allergic to the sulfa minerals in many of those fancy waters. Sulfa causes sever headaches. fyi

  2. How can you tell what the sulfa content is? 95% of the time I drink Poland Spring, and I haven’t had any issues with it. The San Pellegrino does taste a little more minerally, I may not buy it again in case-quantities. The Perrier doesn’t bother me at all.
    I haven’t been to BJs in forever. I fear how much money I would spend if I went…

  3. I love it too, i wouldn’t drink half as much if it wasn’t fizzy and it’s good for you!!

    We always choose San Pellegrino when we’re eating posh (it’s considered posh in France too). Our doctor calls it prickly water.

  4. It took me a little while to figure out that the ‘pink or blue stuff’ was Sweet N’ Low and Equal…

  5. Usually anything that has enhanced with minerals has sulfa in it. Poland Springs is fine but Dasani, Pelligrino etc.. really kick me in the head. When I went to Italy for work, it was very hard to find non-mineral bottle waters in restaurants. I just switched to wine when I had to. Tough choice…
    BTW – I shop BJs with a list and no wife in tow.. only way I can get through there..

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