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Why Aren’t You Watching?

I just saw a news report that you people aren’t watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the brilliant Monday Night show that you are supposed to be watching.

I certainly hope you aren’t watching something else. Or worse, not watching television at all? Now I’m the first to not watch things. There are a LOT of shows that I don’t watch. But of the handful of “grownup” shows that I do Tivo and actually watch, this is one that I want to survive for at least a season.

So here is your required viewing: Studio 60, My Name is Earl, and The Office. Those are the only three that you are required to watch. If you’re smart, you’ll also watch E’s “The Soup” and the brilliant Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Brilliant brilliant stuff, and if his son Nick isn’t huge some day, I’ll eat my puppy socks.


7 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Watching?

  1. I heard that about Studio 60, too. I love Matthew Perry and want him to be successful after Friends, so maybe I’ll tune in.

  2. Lance, do NOT make me come over there. It’s late 2006. Pony up for a DVR and solve all my problems, would you?

  3. Lance and my husband, who spends every Sunday parked in front of the TV. All. Day. Long.

    Very cute puppa socks.

  4. We use our DVR for Lost, The Office, The Amazing Race, various National Geograhic shows and Football/Bruins/Red Sox. I already watch way too much TV.

    If you’d like I can tape it (in the event I’m a Nielsen family and don’t know it) then delete it in the morning…

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