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Bye Bye Bread

Mr. Dump and I are giving the South Beach Diet a shot, starting yesterday. I think it’s pretty practical, and I’m hoping the 2 week kickoff period is more painless than I expect it to be. I think I can do it, but it will mean more cooking around this place.

I’m a carb addict. I will not deny it. So that’s a big problem that the next two weeks should address (no carbs). Then in the third week we can add back some “good” carbs. Apples, whole grain stuff. You know, what we *should* be eating. I have already decided that the carb I’m going to add back will be whole grain pasta.
We still have to work out the kinks on things like portions. For lunch I made myself a 2-egg omlette (well, more like scrambled eggs, which I prefer) but I think maybe I should have used 3 eggs.

Anyone else ever do South Beach? Do you have any menu suggestions for phase 1?


6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bread

  1. Hi Jody,

    My inlaws tried this diet and it worked for them, but when my wife tried it, it made her very sick. So just be careful and take it slow… remember nobody ever died by moderating a diet, so if on day 5 you feel like you’re going to puke if you don’t eat a little bread… eat a little bread.

    And apart from that, I wish you and Mr. Dump great success on the road to fitness! 🙂

    — Chuck

  2. Big salads and lots of them. We keep Costco’s “Springtime Greens Mix” around in quantity, and then add grilled chicken, shrimp, or salmon for protein, and cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, pistachios, feta, and other seasonal veggies in whatever combinations we feel like. We throw fruit in there sometimes, too…grapes, blueberries, etc. And we don’t worry about the amount of sugar in the dressing.

  3. Good Luck – also go for Egg Beaters.. too many regular eggs and the doc will be after you..

  4. I could never get into the South Beach Diet. I found it easier to just stop eating altogether. hmm.

    Good luck!

  5. It’s a good moment for Chris’s salads. Sounds like you’ll need to find a beach to lie on when you’ve figured it all out

  6. Oh, we’re all about salads. Problem is, I wasn’t a salad person, at least not as a meal. Maybe every week or 2 at work I’d have a salad for lunch, but otherwise, I’ll take whatever comes with bread, thank you. And I like my salty crunchy foods. I’ve tried to replace my Tostitos with sliced cucumber but really, how stupid do my taste buds look?

    South Beach is actually incredibly easy to do, I just have a mental block about it. Or that could be my carb addiction kicking in.

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