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Almost Time to Bid My Phone Goodbye

I have beaten my phone to death. The keyboard is hanging by a thread (or literally, by a thread of gummy glue). There are scratches on the face of it that make it hard to read text at time. It has dents and dings I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy’s car.

But I’ve been holding out, because I kept thinking
a) I can’t afford to replace my phone right now, and
b) maybe the next generation SideKick is coming out soon?

So the next generation SideKick was released this week. Mr. Dump and I figured out that I would get my next thousand hour bonus (a week’s paycheck) by the time the bill for a new phone came in. So I ordered an upgrade to the SideKick 3. This morning, I couldn’t swivel the phone shut. Possibly in protest, I think.

My order is in, but response has been so overwhelming that UPS can’t keep caught up on tracking the damned things for them right now. (On the support boards one person said her phone arrived, was in her hand, but the UPS sight still said it couldn’t track her package.) In the T-Mobile system my order is listed as “pending” which may mean that it went out yesterday. It may mean that it didn’t yet. They couldn’t actually tell me.

You’ll be the first ones to hear about it when it arrives, though. And we’ll have to have a suitable ceremony to lay the old one to rest. I may just keep the falling-out of the phone keyboard just to hang up in my cubicle.