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Storm’s A-Brewin’

I hear we’re gonna get hit with some fun thunderstorms this afternoon, so I’d better finish all my “outside” chores right now. That means I should stop typing. Because I need to go do chores. Because it’s going to rain and thunder and stuff later. So I should stop doing this and go do that. Okay? You understand, right? Okay. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Storm’s A-Brewin’

  1. Holy crap, those were some scary storms. Was hanging out at my parents in laws’ house when the wind started a-whipping and the sky went black as ink. Then the sun came out like nothing happened. Weird.

  2. Matt Noyes blog has a video of the f2 tornado in NH. 15 years ago or so, a tornado crossed rt 12 and it tore things up pretty good. I was in Ohio last week and almost got hit by lightning, just left my car and it hit about 30 feet from the car in a field. Crazy weather.

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