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Happy Feet

Hey, it’s Happy Feet LaFerriere here.

Unlike some women, I don’t own 400 pair of shoes (*winks at Christine*). Well, I have a lot of shoes that I never wear because they don’t fit or they are old but I have this thing in the part of my brain where all the imprinting occured that prevents me from throwing out clothing. It’s a sin, I think. There are naked people out there waiting for clothes from me. But because I never get around to piling it all in bags and dropping it off, it sits in the closet forever. Stuff I will never ever ever ever wear again. But it has to stay in the closet until I process it because I’m pretty sure my mom will know the moment I drop a pair of pants in the trash.

Mom: Jody?
Jody: Yes?
Mom: There was a tremor on the Bat-monitor. What did you just do?
Jody: [pause] Nothing.
Mom: Try again.
Jody: [longer pause]: Nothing.
Mom: I’m your mother. Tell me what you just did.
Jody: I threw away a pair of pants.
Mom: I’ll be right there.

This is my excuse for why my house is such a mess. We can’t throw anything away, ever. We either have to donate it or have a yard sale. So technically, the crap that’s everywhere is just waiting for a yard sale. Ya, that’s it. That’s the reason.

I’m going to drag a bunch of stuff down to the sidewalk and put a sign on it that says “Free to a good home”. Maybe the guy who pulls all the cans out of my recycle bin would like a Hot Wheels Speedway.

And then, there’s Junior, who won’t play with something for 40 years, so I decide to get rid of it, and he pulls it out and plays with it. Yesterday he amused himself with a toy I thought we’d already given away, a Power Rangers Command Center thingy. I don’t even know where he got it, but suddenly my kitchen floor (which I washed Friday night, thank you very much) was covered with Power Ranger crap. Oh, and before that he took a big cardboard box and had me cut it so that he could make cubicle walls. He was pretending to work in an office. How sad is that? It was funny to listen to them talk on the phone in “business-speak”. He adopted this odd accent and was referring to himself in the 3rd person. I think I’ll try that at my meeting this afternoon.

So wait, where was I going with this? Oh, I picked up 2 new pair of shoes over the weekend, which is amazing for me. I have been known to wear the same shoes for years. But with my birthday money from mom, I was supposed to buy two pair (because I kept saying “I need to get a new pair of shoes). I got one, a pair of Clarks clogs. Saturday we were in Wrentham and they have a Clarks outlet store. It was all I could do to not buy the place out. I got two pair of clogs/mules and a pair of sandels, because we mustn’t forget that it will be sandel weather in mere weeks. Oh, and I got my step-daughter a pair of the same sandels. Which means that I picked out something that wasn’t dorky because she wanted a pair. I’m so proud of me!


5 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Kids want only certain brand of sneakers, certain widths/sizes, colors etc. I bought two pair this weekend at Bobs (got 25% off through work, they are handing out pdf file flyers). If you know someone with one, borrow it. Saved me $50 out of $200. Sale on all week. I got nike’s which I dont care for but was only thing my size. I will go back to Brooks’ sneakers again next time. My son only wanted i-pak’s. For daughter a pair of shoes is a 4 hour decision process and about 10 stores. I cannot shop with her.
    Side issue – notice leominsterblog is gone

  2. Now we know it will be a wet summer. Jody you should try living with someone who never throws anything away, it’s pretty cramped, I can just about get into my side of the bed, I have to climb over boxes of Christmas decorations!

    I used to have really quiet afternoons in the holidays by asking the kids to sort out their toys.

  3. I love Clarks shoes — got a pair on right now. Those are mighty cute. I will have to get down to Wrentham at one point.

  4. Anji, I don’t have to try living with someone who won’t throw anything away, but my husband does. *wink*

    Christine, the prices down there are at least $10 less a pair than what I was seeing on Amazon. The brown ones with the buckle, those were either 39 or 49. They had some flipflops that I want to go back for, because they are $29 there but $39 out on the web. I want to go back before we go to Florida…plus I never got into the Aerosoles store.

  5. Hey, Anon, what Leominsterblog?
    And while we’re asking about Leominster stuff, where did Nicholle go off to?

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