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Focus, People!

It’s warm out today. Too warm out. I can’t think of a single person who wants to be at work today. We are all slowly edging toward the door, coming up with reasons we need to step outside. I think at least 30 or 40 people will take up smoking just to go outside for smoke breaks. No, really.

So of course, the mundane day-to-day activities are just about going to kill me. Why no, I don’t feel like completing my time sheet, why do you ask? What? I won’t get paid if I don’t? Okay, I guess I’ll do it but I won’t like it.

Ya, that’ll get ’em. Make sure they know you’re doing something under protest. Unless they offer you a cupcake. If they offer you a cupcake, it’s all good. I’d do my time sheet twice for a cupcake!

Before I forget, yo [-Irwin from Billy and Mandy], that damned baking set they sell on commercial on Cartoon Network? The one where you can secretly stick something in the middle of a cake to spice up the lives of your loved ones? Okay, you folks suggest gelatin. If I EVER cut a piece of cake and half of it is a big quivery blob of gelatin, I am NOT EATING IT. I want my cake to be full of cake, okay?

(And something that occurred to me the other day…whatever happened to those triangle sandwich makers where you can make an apple pie with a piece of Wonder Bread and a can of pie filling? Are folks still using them to make an egg sandwich complete with Bacos(tm)? (Can you even imagine? “Add some egg, some cheese and sprinkle on some Bacos. Seal up the edges of your Wonder Bread and voila, you have a white guy breakfast sandwich! I have to tell you, part of me is really happy that I can’t think of the name of this product right now, but I suspect someone is going to remind me before the day is over.)

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On Being a Doufus

Why, yes, I did try to run an errand at lunch today. And yes, I did realize as I was in line that I’d left my ATM card back at work, why do you ask?

Grandma and Grandpa are going to take junior fishing this afternoon. Lucky kid.

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Watching and Waiting

[Update: Whew! Just a cyst! It might come back, and will have to be dealt with again, but it was just a cyst!!! I gotta head over to Petco and get him a big meaty bone!]

Dropped the pooch off at the vet this morning to have them remove a little cyst-like lump he has just under his skin. I am torn between thinking it’s nothing horrible, just a cyst or something fluid-filled that doesn’t even seem to bother him, to thinking it’s something horrible. Right now we’re waiting for the vet to call and give us a status update (they are keeping him for the day because it’s easier for us to do it that way, but they weren’t going to look at him until noon-ish because it was a non-emergency.

I don’t like stuff like this at all, thank you very much. I wanted them to tell Mr Dump “Oh, THAT’s why you called? Oh that’s nothing.” but they can’t do that, now, can they? They have to be all formal and use the scary words (biopsy and surgery) because really, until they take it out/look at it, they really don’t know what it is, do they?

So anyway, if I seem distracted today, that’s why.

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Gee, That Seems Heavy

I’m shopping on Amazon for some binoculars to take with us on vacation. I’m looking for that perfect combination of great field of vision, easy focus, and not too heavy. Oh, and cheap. So I find a pair that has potential, and I scroll down to see if they’ve listed the weight. It says the following:

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 3.5 x 8.2 inches ; 38.0 pounds
Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds.

Okay, so lets say that in some universe you could take product dimensions (in inches) and convert it to pounds…38 pounds seems a little heavy to me. I think after 10 seconds of viewing my arms would be aching. And let’s not even talk about how much your neck would hurt after wearing them for 10 minutes. And let’s not talk about how heavy it would make your luggage to carry 38 pound binoculars around.

I wanted to get night vision binoculars, but those are WAAAAAAY too expensive. I will just have to be happy with regular ones. Maybe some that are a couple of pounds lighter, though.