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A Couple of Wednesday Thoughts

For your Wednesday enjoyment, I present “Jody In The Round” a 1-woman extravaganza in SurroudRead

  • I hear we may see a snowflake or two this week (today or Friday, according to the radio). I would prefer this to not happen. I also have to order new boots for Junior, who is about 2 sizes larger than he was last winter, the little bugger. While I’m at it, I’m going to get some for me…I found some in the Lands End catalog that will apparently keep my feet so warm that as I walk, I will leave scorch marks in the snow.
  • The little strip mall where I wanted to put my pipe dream store is all filled up and everything is open. So I guess that’s the end of that. Maybe one of the businesses will fail (aren’t I nice?) and I can take their space. I just really thought it was a perfect location. Speaking of which, my other pipe dream, to buy the old abandoned Whalom Drive-In and put in something fun like a Go-Cart place, may also be over. It looks like someone went in there with a bulldozer and flattened everything down and cleared out all the brush. So apparently something is going to go in that space. Don’t know if it will be a house, condos, or a business.
  • I love raisin bagels.
  • I should be working on the Nano Novel instead of the blog. I’m a few words behind where I should be right now. (By the end of the day we should have about 15000 words to be on target for the 50k)