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I Can’t Complain

Okay, I can complain, I’m good at it. But I won’t, not when I’ve got half an eye on the news reports from Louisiana.

You’d think you would come back to work after vacation refreshed and raring to go, but maybe it’s the 2 weeks remaining of a 4 week contract thing that makes it hard to be refreshed about anything. Or maybe it’s mentally preparing for Wednesday’s first day of school. Or the fact that the dog either has some kind of urinary tract infection or he’s in puberty because he is literally peeing all over the entire house since we picked him up from the boarding place Saturday. I’m tired of walking in pee. Oh, and by the way, they gave him the more horrific haircut ever. When they brought him out we thought it was the wrong dog. I want my schnoogie woogums back, not this little ratty poodle-faced pup. *sigh*

Wait, I said I wasn’t going to complain, right?

I am such a liar.