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A Taste of Summer

Well, what a weekend! 90 yesterday, high 80s the day before…thank God my sister has a pool, that’s all I have to say. There has been no change in Junior’s love for her swimming pool, and he spent most of the weekend submerged. Saturday was my nephews birthday party, so now they are both 7. A very cool age to be, by the way.

It’s dank and dreary this morning…the temperature is about 30 degrees colder right now than it was yesterday afternoon. I guess that kind of helps with the going back to work and school stuff. At dinner last night everyone was saying they didn’t want to head back to reality today.

Looking at this weeks weather, it only makes sense that Junior has a baseball game scheduled for the yuckiest day of the week. Could he have it today when it won’t hit 70? NoooOOoooo. We’ll wait until tomorrow when it’s 85 and muggy. That’s perfect. Well, to be fair, some of the weather websites show a nicer week than others. I’ll go with those, given a choice, and his game later in the week might not be so bad. Only a couple of weeks left, and I can’t say I’ll miss it. It’s just really hard to be involved in something where he has to be there for 5 when you work for a living. It’s not like I can get to work any earlier than I do – I have to wait until the bus picks him up. So that means doing a little extra work at home after the game or on other days of the week to make up time. Fun!

Other than that…someone remind me to catch up on laundry, ‘kay?