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So Then, What Next

Okay, we’ve done the Pork Rind experiment. And for the record, Bill, I’m not going to do a comparison between the kind you buy in the grocery store and the kind you buy in a pet store. I’ll leave that in your capable hands.

I guess the two snack foods that come to mind are Funyons, and those little puffy thingies for which Andy Capp is the spokesmodel. Does Andy Capp still exist? Does anyone carry that anymore? For you kids out there, Andy Capp is/was a comic strip. Basically he was always drunk, smoking a butt, and playing snooker. And his wife would threaten to beat him with a rolling pin. Ahhhh, the classic days of comedy. Is there anything funnier than a drunk snooker-playing smoker? I think not.

So anyway, there was or is some snack out there with him on the bag. I believe this is because the shape of the snack food very closely resembles the cigarette always hanging off his lip. That’s the only real connection I can make. Oh here, they are made by ConAgra. And available at fine gas stations everywhere. (Wow, a quick glance through the brands they own shows quite a few that are staples at my house. Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard, for example, is the only brand of mustard we buy. Period. Don’t bring your yellow crap into my house, thank you.)

Okay, so any others to add to the list? And this time, I’ll take pictures.