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Setting the Tone

Like I said to Mr. Dump as we turned off the television early to end our suffering, “This is good because I prefer spending the season as the underdog. I don’t want to be “them”. I don’t want to be swaggering and cocky because we won last year. This sets the tone for the season, and then we can be the little engine that could.”

Or not, but the pressure is certainly off right now.

I am also having a hard time finding people who are happy we picked up Wells. Last night didn’t help, but I don’t like him. I don’t like him as a person, and I don’t think he embodies the kind of guy who should be offered the privilege to wear a Sox uniform. I was horrified when I’d heard we picked him up. It’s embarrassing to say he’s on our team, not for his playing (although, last night…) but for his politics and social skills. He’s a punk, and Boston fans don’t cotton to punks.