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Forgive Me, I’m Not Ignoring

Let me tell you a little something. If, heaven forbid, you’ve used the same laptop every day for three years, and that laptop up and dies on you, when you do get a new laptop, the thing that will make you want to slam your head against the biggest piece of cement you can find is the fact that this laptop does not contain a single ounce of the stuff you lovingly collected on your hard drive over the past three years. No bookmarks. No photos. No applications. Especially no applications. I have backups of my bookmarks and my photos (thank you Picasa! I swear to you, go download it right now from Google. I’ll wait. Then click the link that asks you if you want to back up all the photos. It will tell you how many CDs or DVDs you need to do so. This is A GOOD THING. This was one thing I didn’t freak about when I realized the laptop was dead. I know I had copies of all my image files.)

If you are guessing that I replaced my laptop, you’d be correct. A week of research and I decided to go with the HP dv4030. Look up the reviews for the DV4000 (the 4030 is just the retail flavor – right now you can’t even get them from HP, and custom designing one will take weeks.)

Okay, so anyway, it’s taking me hours to rebuild this thing. I guess there will be things I never add back. But I have to try to figure out if I have copies of some of my registration info for stuff like mailwasher. Ugh.