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What Part of Fiction Don’t You Understand?

[Warning: Rant ahead]

Nothing gets the old heart pumping faster than reading about Cardinal Bertone with his knickers in a twist over a work of fiction. Apparently, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is dangerous to idiot Catholics all over the globe who are confusing fiction with truth. Instead of ranting and raving about Brown and his book, why don’t you worry about things that are actually important, sir? I can think of many MANY things going on in the world today that you should be focusing your energy on. It’s FICTION. To call it “rotten fruit” is subjective at best, but to actually take the stance that it is a “sackful of lies” is well, um, er, *cough* sort of how one might choose to actually define fiction. So way to pick something to take a stand on. It’s right up there with Dan Quayle attacking the sit-com Murphy Brown for glamorizing single motherhood.

But you go, sir. You fight the good fight, and all the people dying of starvation, and the ones dying of AIDs (cause heaven forbid they be allowed to use condoms) will just take care of themselves.