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Cat Shoots Owner

Saw this headline on Yahoo this morning, and thought to myself “Oh, you know every cat on the planet is jealous.” I think it was premeditated. If it had been a dog, well, duh, they’re just big and clumsy. But a cat…no. I think the cat was looking for an opening. Far be it for me to wonder why the guy had a loaded gun on the kitchen counter. Maybe it was meant for shooting the squirrels he was cooking for dinner.

But the cat – he had probably been looking for an opening like this for months, and he took it.

That will teach Mr. Stanton to serve Friskies instead of Fancy Feast. And hey, a new toy every once in a while wouldn’t be a bad idea!

(Okay, I am going to go write this up as an interview for the Daily Probe. I’ll let you know if he uses it.)