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Well, Some People Will Enjoy It

I picked up the Boston Herald today because of the picture on the front. You see, Junior is 7, prime viewing age for all the Nickelodeon shows. Late every afternoon is the time for U-Pick Live, a show that combines games, interviews and cartoons selected by the viewers. One of the hosts, Brent, is apparently a Chelmsford native, so we have often heard him passionately praise the Sox and the Pats.

I assume the picture on the Herald is less because of the Brent connection and more how goofy the photo looks, but there is Pick-Boy, one of the regulars on U-Pick, in his Pick-Boy costume, interviewing Patriot Kevin Kasper, who looks amused if nothing else.

I actually bought a copy because I thought Junior would get a kick out of it, but maybe I’m delusional. No less delusional than the editor who picked that photo to take up half the front page, though. (Link only valid on 2/2/05)