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Home Showing

Went to the home show in Fitchburg today along with my sister’s family and my parents. What turned out to be funny is that all of us, without talking to each other, were there to look at the same thing. Man, if I only had tens of thousands of dollars lying around.

Actually, now that things have settled down around here, we have a list of things we want to do and need to do. One of those is to redo the deck and the back steps. I want to get that composite stuff for the back steps. It never gets the sun…ever. It’s just an ugly mess to have wooden steps. And parts of the deck look iffy to me. I think boards need to be replaced. Anyhoo…what I really want is to put a 3 or 4 season room in place of the deck. I say in place of because I think I’d want it to be bigger than the current 10×10 deck.

I talked at length to at least three companies who do these, and I liked the guy from one of them more than the others. I’m just not sure I like his product the best. Then there’s the whole “what style do we want” thing. I would definitely go for a 4 season room if I was going to go out and make that kind of investment. I would want something I could use ANY time I wanted. Plus, we could really use the extra living space on the first floor. When the kids are up for a visit, it’s a little close to have 5 people trying to do different things.

Anyway, anyone who wants to pay for such a beast, I’d be happy to dedicate it as the YOUR NAME HERE room, just like the Fleet Center. As long as your name doesn’t contain any swear words.

For the record, mom wasn’t all that impressed with the home show, but I pointed out that it was kind of nice to have all local vendors there. If you go to the home show in Boston, you aren’t going to have the guys who own the place up the street. Like here, I was able to tell the guy who actually owns Lakeview Nursery that it’s depressing to drive by there and not see any signs of life. He just laughed.