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Happy Purse Day

I’m sorry, but I am only human. Although I’m officially working from home (no, really I am) I took Junior to the mall for lunch today, and I snuck into Filenes to see if they had any sweaters. I got a $50 sweater set (black) for $20. And then I had to walk by purses for the 2nd time and got sucked in. Oh my goodness, it was like being in a candy factory. And the amazing thing was the discount. Am I supposed to turn down a $5 purse? I’m only human you know! Sheesh! So ya, I bought three. Black, red and purple. I was going to give one of them to my step-daughter, but she hates my taste so I may end up with all three of them. Hey, at least I can say I tried, right?

p.s. The Chuck E Cheese isn’t open yet but it is WAY bigger than I thought it would be. It looks nice. The only way to access it is from outside the mall (just like the Old Navy and Circuit City.) Oh, and the DQ/Orange Julius is open.

p.p.s. Why the HELL did they get rid of Auntie Anne’s pretzels? Communists!