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Halfway Mark

It’s the Nanowrimo halfway point. Technically, I should have 25000 words written by the end of the day. In reality, because of my mess-ups early in the month, I’m writing more each day, but won’t hit 25000 for another 2 days (and I’ll still be on schedule for the end of the month). Unless I can find 6000 words in me today. If I couldn’t do it on the weekend, when I wasn’t working, I doubt I’ll be able to do it when I am working. This is just a guess.

And what is it about JC Penny that makes me buy stuff I didn’t go in to buy? We went there Saturday to buy some new pillows for when the kids come up. They’d been stuck with some of our older ones (because they don’t sleep here every night) and after keeping them down in the basement on the futon, they were smelling a little musty. So I said we’d throw out all the old pillows and replace them, and store them upstairs when the kids aren’t here so they won’t get musty again. They sleep downstairs in the finished basement, on the futon, and we can’t seem to keep it from getting a teeny bit musty down there. Not wet, but you know.

You are supposed to replace pillow annually for allergies anyway. Not that I do, but this reminds me off Dana, my college roommate, who couldn’t sleep without the pillow she’d had for most of her life. It was a pretty beat up thing. An allergist would have probably dropped dead at the sight of it. I wonder if she still has that thing? Or if her kids now have their own pillows. Hey, DanaMarie, if you’re reading this, give me a holler!