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What Did My Body Do While I Was Sleeping?

Geez Louise, what the hell was my body doing while I was asleep last night? This morning I’m all achy – stiff neck, sore hips and shoulders. Is this what “being old” feels like? Cause it’s not good, not good at all. And nothing that you potty brains are thinking of happened last night, so that’s right out.

Sheesh. I’d better go look for the Advil.

Also, what the heck is up with the fall-like photo they chose for August on my New England Travel and Events calendar? God, what a depressing brown photo. “Hey, let’s get a shot of everything when it’s all brownish green from the excessive heat of summer. Oh, and we’ll take the photo late in the day so there are lots of shadows everywhere. We’ll call it “Death to Summer” or something cheery like that.

A whole month I get to look at this. *sigh*