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Such a Thoughtful Boy

For some reason (and it could have been the -3 temps as we left the house this morning) Junior suggested that we should save all our money and put a garage on the house. That’s actually amazingly thoughtful, because I believe he got the idea after I removed the thin covering of snow from the car.

He then pointed out that instead of having two doors to the house we would have three, so apparently his vision includes some sort of breezeway. Of course then we’d probably have four doors, so maybe I won’t say anything.

I told him I’d love to put a garage on the house but it’s a LOT of money, and he was wondering if I wanted all the change he has in his piggy bank. I mean, could you just squeeze this kid to death? I told him that wasn’t enough. I said we’d probably need 200 one hundred dollar bills (breaking it down into a number he could more likely understand). Which doesn’t sound so outrageous, when you put it that way, does it? If 200 of you each send me $100, I can build Junior’s dream garage!

He asked me how much is in my bank account, and when I told him, he pointed out that there was enough for him to get a red Game Boy SP and THEN start saving for the garage. I see he’s retained his priorities.