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The Oddest Week of the Year

The week between Christmas and the New Year has to be the oddest of the year. I mean, can anyone get themselves into a frenzy of work knowing that

a) a good half the people you normally deal with (if not more) are on vacation, and

b) it’s the 2nd short week in a row?

I worked Friday, so last week was odd just because of that “holiday on a Thursday” thing, but danged if we don’t have that again this week? Ceeeeripes! Now I like a 4 day work week as much as the next person, but I prefer the 4 days to all fall in a row. Call me wacky.

I’m already missing the Christmas music. I told you I would. Junior said we could listen to his Radio Disney Christmas CD in the car the other day, and I didn’t complain. But WXLO, which for some reason is the only station that came in on the car radio this morning, is stuck in some kind of MAJOR RUT, and the songs I heard this morning were the same ones I’ve heard for the past 4 months, no lie. I tried to find another station (DO YOU HEAR THAT, JayBeau?) and while fuzzy, I found one playing a good “MIX” of music, including a Pat Benetar song from the 80s. I think it was Pat Benetar (does she sing “Invincible?”) – and it wasn’t that completely overplayed “Love is a Battlefield”. Would it be so hard for WXLO to actually change the playlist a little more often? Enough of the remake of “Big Yellow Taxi”. ENOUGH.