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Why Yes, That Was Me on the Radio!

If you listened to WXLO this morning and heard someone give “brilliant” [their word] baby advice to Jen, that would have been yours truly. It’s hard enough going back to work after having a baby without thinking of all the bad stuff – like missing all the milestones. Junior went to daycare at 12 weeks, and that whole first day nobody was allowed to talk to me about him being at daycare (I sent out a company-wide email when I first got back, because if I had to talk about it, I would burst into tears.) I had all those same thoughts about missing the first rolling over, the first words, the first steps – but the policy of the center (Little Souls Center in Waltham, to give them a plug) was that until mom or dad mentioned it to the teacher, they would NOT say anything about the baby doing this or that. So if he took a step at daycare, they wouldn’t tell me unless I’d told them that he took a step at home.

If mama doesn’t see it first, it didn’t happen was basically the policy. So that was my advice to Jen this morning, and they liked it so much that I heard them pass it along to another mom going back to work next week.

I didn’t call to hear myself on the radio, but luckily I didn’t sound like an idiot. I always thought I’d make a great DJ, or at least a supporting one like Steve Donovan. Speaking of whom, I’m a little unhappy that the show isn’t “Jen and Steve” anymore, it’s “Zito and Jen”. Steve is my favorite part of that show, darn it! I hope someone from WXLO reads this.