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Batteries, Canned Goods and Portable Radios

Heard on the news this morning that the people who are in charge of saying this sort of thing (FEMA? Duracell?) have told folks in the mid-Atlantic states to stock up on batteries, non-perishable foods, candles and portable radios, cause the Hurricane is headed their way. I was thinking I’d still be able to use my “Y2K / 9-11” supply of bottled water and Beefaroni. Did folks throw out their portable radios and duct tape? I kept mine. I even have a solar one, so I don’t need batteries. But I’ve had it for several years now. I don’t need to run out and buy one.

Plus, I’m sure that by the time we get anything from this storm up here, it will just be a tropical depression (“Aloha! Have some Wellbutrin!”) and I’ll be pissed because I’ll have spend a fortune on candles and have no reason to light them. So maybe I’ll just take my chances and not stock up on batteries and candles. I figure if the electricity goes out, I’ll just go to bed earlier than normal.

See, I have an emergency plan!

1. Eat Beefaroni.

2. Go to bed early.