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Being Un-Unemployed

This whole work thing is putting a serious crimp in my ability to get things done. I always knew I was lucky to be able to do things in the middle of the day during the week, but now that the option is gone, I’m even MORE aware of how great it was. I do miss being able to stop at the grocery store at 8:30 in the morning when nobody else was there. I suppose I could still do that now, but then I’d be late for work, and that would mean either staying later or just not getting paid for the time. Obviously once I get more used to the schedule of working again I should become more functional outside of work hours. And my son is obviously going to have to be more flexible about, say, going to CVS with me. Right now dragging him out of the house after I get home is a big wrestling match, and I usually just give up instead of forcing him out of the house.

Anyway, maybe I’ll adjust my schedule so I get half a day off during the week (by working 9 hours 4 days) and that will be “grocery shopping/errand running” day.

And before you think I’m complaining about my new job, this is very far from that. I love the new job, hope it lasts forever and ever. But it does cramp my free time to have to be away from home 45 hours a week (including commute time).