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Terrorists and Other Annoyances

I was reading the Worcester Telegram today and in an article about the plane crash, apparently our local city hall received a whole bunch of phone calls, including one from the federal Department of Homeland Security asking if this might be a terrorist act.

I swear to God, this had never occurred to me. I suppose that’s because so many planes have crashed taking off or landing at the Fitchburg Airport. But still, getting that call must have freaked out the guy taking the calls. The article also said that a London TV network called asking the same question, and the Japanese Embassy in Boston called to find out if any Japanese people were involved.

So maybe that’s a good thing, that terrorism wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when my neighbors told me it was a plane crash. I mean, I can’t think of anything you could run a plane into in town that would have the impact of ramming a jet into the World Trade Center. Certainly not a small metal shop with only 7 employees.

p.s. It looks like winter all over again out there. Let’s go on warming up enough to melt the snow. Again.