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Beverage Report: Coffee and NectarFizz

Man, what would we do without coffee? I remember back when I didn’t like the taste of it…but when did I cross that line from not liking it to liking it? I know I didn’t drink it in college, I was more of a Diet Coke kind of person. I actually wasn’t a caffeine fan. So at some point after college I must have started liking it. I know that my first job after graduation we had a Mr. Coffee machine and regular Creamora. This was a 2-person operation, so nothing fancy for us, like, say, real cream, and they hadn’t yet invented Creamora Royale, which is actually very good.

While I think about that, I’ll give you a beverage review for what I have in front of me right now. It’s NectarFizz by Nantucket Nectars. I’m drinking the blackberry fizz, because when in doubt, buy the purple one. So it’s 10% real fruit juice, lightly carbonated, with 100% vitamin C. And it’s pretty tasty. Actually, it’s very similar to that other fizzy juice/soda, Clearly Canadian. I don’t think you could tell them apart in a taste test unless you were a HUGE fan of one or the other. Hey, I just like supporting the Juice Guys; if I can buy from a Massachusetts company, I will.