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Snackfood for a Snowstorm

Thank goodness people stocked up on supplies for a terrorist attack. Apparently the terrorist chose the insidious “drop a foot or two of snow on ’em” kind of attack. They’re saying we’ll get 12-15 inches total here in Leominster. I’m guessing that means we’ll probably get more like 20. That’s how it’s worked ALL winter.

The snowblower is gassed up, and I have 5 gallons of water around here somewhere. And Ring Dings. And Cheetohs (which, by the by, Junior tasted for the first time and now his fingers are stained orange. I love when he discovers a new food to eat, even when it’s total crap like Cheetohs.) I’m certainly glad I’m feeling better now, given that I’ve got two days of shoveling ahead of me. I wonder how busy the grocery stores are today. Everyone getting their milk and bread. Is a lot of milk and bread consumed during storms, I mean, more than usual? Are people making bread pudding? (That would be REALLY tasty, wouldn’t it?)