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Xmas Specials

I’ve got so many Xmas specials programmed into the TiVo that I’m starting to have them scroll off before I get a chance to watch them. EEEK! That’s BAD! Good thing I recently bought a dozen blank VHS tapes on sale. Today’s transfer to tape is the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. After that I’ll probably do some of the oddball Xmas specials – The Town that Christmas Forgot, Fairly Oddparents Christmas (Can I please get the Fairly Oddparents songs out of my head? If it’s not “I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas” it’s “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” This show just has the BEST songs.)

So nobody admitted where they’re from. That’s okay. You can be anonymous. I don’t mind. I’m going to pretend you all live in Bangor Maine. It’s just easier that way.