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Snow and Ice 0, Jody 1

Okay, so we got our ice and snow storm, and didn’t lose any trees. The power did go out for about ten minutes in the middle of the night – I happened to hear the big popping sound down at the substation right before it happened. Power was only off for 10 minutes, luckily. I have to say, we’ve had amazing luck with the electricity in this house (other than the night it went out 5 minutes before they announced the winner of the 2nd Survivor and didn’t come back on for 2 hours). It might have something to do with being so close to the substation AND that our power lines are all underground. I have to say, it makes for clean lines AND nobody can knock out our power by ramming into a pole.

I told my dad this morning that last night around midnight when I was watching it snow, it was sticking to everything like blown-in insulation. I knew it was that back-breaking sticky wet snow. And now it’s time for me to go outside and deal with it. I guess it’s going to be my first attempt to use the snowblower. Wish me luck.