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Simple Green

I got tired of hearing my sister say that she uses Simple Green to clean everything in her house. She likes the “safety” factor, that it isn’t full of harsh chemicals. So I bought some, in my endless search for the perfect cleaning fluid.

Oh GAWD I hate the way this stuff smells. I really do. And not only that, but my chemical bathroom cleaner has LESS of a gross smell than this stuff. I think I got some in my lungs cause I couldn’t stop coughing. And now I’m feeling completely naseated. Just ready to throw up. And I didn’t feel that way before I Simple Greened myself. So that was a complete waste of money, and I’ll be giving this bottle to her the next time I see her, because I don’t want to ever use it again. Blech.

p.s. Heard excellent things about 409 Glass and Surface cleaner. Someone my mom knows said your windows will NOT streak with this stuff. But I can’t verify that. Yet.