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Month: November, 2002

The Crackling of the Fireplace…the Hum of the Laptop

Junior passed out on the couch watching Atlantis. I actually feel the same way about that movie. So I carried him up to bed an hour an a half or so earlier than he usually heads up. That means Mama has the house to herself and a fire in the fireplace. It’s a better scene for romance, but I don’t have any of that nearby, so my trusty laptop will have to do. You all understand, I hope.

A 2pm trip to Bolton Orchards to buy apples turned into an all afternoon affair with mom and dad. Mom went downstairs with Junior to play on the computer with him, and dad and I watched football. I think he thinks I watch way more football than I actually do, simply because after 20+ years of HIM watching it all weekend, then the 9+ years Mr. Dump did, added to my fantasy football team knowlege, and suddenly I’m someone’s dream date – a gal who can follow a football game and actually get into it. I do feel obligated to make comments about their uniforms, though. I mean, it’s my job, right?


The People You Meet

I keep running into people I know over on the offical NaNoWriMo website. They are people I know either in person or from other online groups I belong to. The cool thing is when I find them because we are on the same page of the list of participants by word count. Meaning, generally we are within a few hundred words of each other. I’m glad so many people I know are keeping up with it!

Tonight I spotted Tim from BredCrumbs (Link is over on the left). Hi Tim! I’m ahead of you now!


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

We’re now watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for the third time today. Good thing I don’t hate it. On the other hand, I’m going to get tired of it pretty soon. Still, it’s got that awesome Vince Guaraldi background music going for it.

Charlie Brown’s Holiday Hits contains the Thanksgiving theme, but I don’t think it has the song with vocals in it. That’s “Little Birdie,” isn’t it? I will say that the reviews for this CD say that some of the songs are just samples and they’re in mono. So I don’t know that it’s worth it. I guess I’ll stick with the classic Charlie Brown Christmas.


Charlie Brown Christmas Will be On

December 8th. Don’t blame me if you miss it.

And hey, only 9 days until the 25 days of Christmas start on ABC Family (or whatever the hell it is these days. It’s ABC now, right? It was Fox Family last year. I can only keep track of so many things before the lines start to blur.


Funny Kid

Junior was playing with this teeny stuffed dog (an Animal Alley dog they had in happy meals a year or so ago) and he’s telling me it’s Super Dog. I asked what kind of super powers it has. In addition to heat vision (thanks Fairly Oddparents!):

“He has powers to make breakfast and other important stuff.”


We See the Wiggles Live in New Haven

Here is a link to the page I made about our Wiggly adventure south to see the Wiggles.


We Made It There and Back!

This morning when I woke up and thought about the long drive from Leominster to New Haven I started to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into…but off we went, loaded down with a Leap Pad, a Game Boy Advanced and some books. The Leap Pad lasted almost all the way down…two hours. I thought MapQuest was kidding but I guess not. You get to by-pass Hartford if you are going south on 91, so other than the backup caused by the car fire “Oooh, that’s not good” we didn’t hit any traffic.

The show…unbelievable. I’m in awe of what these guys do THREE times a day for all these little kids. Even as I type this, they’re in the middle of another show. And they were doing one while I was in the middle of my drive home. That’s a LOT of work, folks, given that they do not stop moving through the whole show. Unfortunately, most of my pictures stink because of that, but I will share some anyway. Look here for a link, maybe by noon, that will have the recap and the pictures. Here’s a teaser for you, with one of the better pictures:


Woooooo Hooooooo!

Me and The Boy are driving 2.5 hours tomorrow to see my Anthony Wiggle in concert in New Haven! I got the tickets tonight and they are FANTASTIC! I’m so excited, I’m beside myself.

Anthony, if you’re reading this, we’ll be in the mezzanine box seats directly in front of the stage. First two seats. That’s us, the cute little boy and the woman who loves you.

Photos here tomorrow after I get home.


Put Some Gravy On That / Thanksgiving Ruminations of a New Thyroid Patient

It’s my Thanksgiving article again! It’s that time of year…Mary Shomon, my health hero, is republishing my Turkey Day thyroid article. I know this because a) I get her newsletter and b)I am getting a lot of fan mail suddenly.

I have to say these thyroid folk are very sweet. Not like you regulars, who let me toil away at the keyboard without so much as a peep (well, except for you, Anji, but you’re the only one! Wanna read for yourselves? See Put Some Gravy On That / Thanksgiving Ruminations of a New Thyroid Patient. And anyone reading who would like something written for YOUR newsletter, website or what-have-you, you know I’m available for freelance work, right?


I Used to Go to Bed at 9

For a while, Junior and I were going to bed at the same time. It just seemed easier that way. We’d both hike up together, and while he had to be in a dark room, supposedly sleeping, I would sit in my bed surrounded by fun things to read. It was actually working out well for both of us.

Then I signed up to write a novel in 30 days and suddenly I get to watch it change from one day to the next. I don’t like staying up this late, for the record.