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Tuesday: Now More Monday-er

The day after a holiday is always weird. My trash went out this morning, which makes if feel like a Monday. Junior’s at daycare and I’m sitting here jobhunting and updating my website, which is pretty Monday-ish. Well, it’s sort of Monday through Friday-ish but Junior and I just had three swell days in a row together so him being gone is Monday-ish.

I promised myself that I would accomplish at least 3 things today, so I’d better get going. Here’s the to-do list.

1. Get all the screenplay currently in my notebook into the screenwriting software.

2. Do at least one more chapter in the PHP book.

3. Clean off the counter…again.

4. Re-caulk the bathtub.

5. Wash the kitchen floor

6. Clean the tub/replace the shower curtain liner

7. Write a short story

8. Find at least 3 places to send my resume

9. Vacuum the bedrooms

10. Mow the lawn.

11. Update the Main Dump

12. Mail Bills

Okay, of that list, I can’t mow today, because it’s raining. I can do maybe 3 or 4, some of them will take longer than others. And as for the tub, well, if the linoleum is starting to pull up, how is it possible to caulk it and have it stay? I don’t really want to re-do the floor up there this week. I wish some guy would show up in my life who liked to do stuff like this for a hobby. He’s tile my bathroom to impress me, and when I showed a little bit of interest, he’d tile my kitchen to completely win me over.