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What Really Happened

Nothing horribly exciting, but I did get a chance to check the BirchBark PO box for the first time in a month, plus go to the bank and get a car charger for my cell phone. You know, the important stuff. Then we went to my mother’s church for their Italian Festival and ate some pasta. They had a few games for the kids, and Junior actually played and won a couple of skill games! The one that shocked me was the game where you throw a dart (a real one!) at a balloon. It wasn’t the biggest or the best, but they had GREAT meatballs, so it was worth the trip. Let’s see…also got Junior some canvas sneakers, and mowed the lawn. I was just going to do the back, but then I thought, might as well finish the damned thing so that I wouldn’t get gross all over again tomorrow. Oh, and took a bath after mowing the lawn because I was just so yucky. So very very yucky. I had been invited to a party by one of my new (temporary) co-workers, but I don’t know everyone well enough to show up with Junior in tow. The host doesn’t have kids, so I just thought maybe we’d wait for the next invitation. If he’s reading this, and he might be, you can bring my Tiki drink to work for Monday morning. Thanks!

Bed now. At least the lawn is done so I don’t have to worry about that tomorrow. I got a used book in the mail today, James Lileks’ Notes of a Nervous Man. It’s out of print but I found a used copy for $6. I may save it for a day when I really need something funny to read. In the meantime, you can use that link to go to his funny funny funny funny site. Every day. He’s another of those people who I wish I could be. I just want to be him. I want to be able to say that the Institute of Official Good Cheer came from my fingertips. And from all accounts, he’s a really swell guy. We’ve exchanged email, and I know someone who’s actually had drinks with him. I haven’t heard a bad word yet. Maybe I should talk to his wife.