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Update on Lipstick

Hey, I just figured out that the 24-hour CVS in town has a whole new selection of Jane cosmetics. I think that means they just discontinued the stuff they were carrying to carry all different stuff. I cannot recommend their “flavored” lipsticks enough. I’m trying to buy one of each of the good colors while I still can. I got a Kiwi one tonight that just seemed to give a slight pinkish-natural shine. GREAT color. And it’s kind of transluscent so it looks really natural. Oh well, it’s the little things in life, right?

Speaking of little things, I went across the street from CVS to McD’s to get Junior a Happy Meal and I hit the drive-thru lottery! They gave us a 9-piece McNugget instead of the 6-piece I ordered. I should go buy a lottery ticket!