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I’m a bit distressed that I’m going to have to spent the weekend feeling sorry for myself because of allergies. That would be bad. Junior is in full-blown allergy hell, although this morning he looked better than he has in days. I’m on the downswing, feeling tired, post-nasal drip, lungs just ready for a vacation.

Luckily, my only plans for the weekend aren’t anything I can’t fit a nap around.

I’m almost out of my Special K Red Berries, so time to hit the grocery store. I got paid yesterday, so all is good. I’m bummed that next week I won’t get paid for the 4th of July. “You only get paid for the hours you work” says the company I’m working for. “You could always come in if you want to get paid.” Um, no. No thanks. Besides, my security badge isn’t good for weekends or holidays.